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the legacy charles ingalls

While watching an old 1982 episode of Little House on the Prairie in 2018, it struck me that an important part of human existence is to make a mark, be remembered, leave a legacy. Otherwise, what’s the point? Born, breed, die? Cockroaches and bugs can do that.

Is legacy egoistical thinking? I suppose it depends on what legacy is left. The likes of Stalin left legacies that will be remembered for a long time, but none that I admire.

A Little House season 8 episode titled, ‘The Legacy’ opening scene begins in 1982 (I though I was watching the wrong show for a few minutes) at an auction house where a 1882 hand made table with the makers mark, C.I (Charles Ingalls..the father in the TV show and book) was sold.

Ingalls is long gone, but items made with his own hands continue on. I’m not sure if the episode was fictional, (most are) but the theme struck a major chord.

Those that know me, know I’m 49, no wife, no children, no legacy. At my age I’d be nuts to even think about having offspring … even if I found a woman that would put up with me.

It’s sobering knowing antique furniture, and the makers marks on them, will (so far) leave more of a legacy in this world than I. They’ll remember a chair, a chandelier, and a smelly outhouse … but not me.

I’m not much of a wood worker, otherwise I’d try making a few wooden tables for a world that already has plenty.

I relies it’s pompous having my own domain name … but at the time (2017) namecheap were having a $1 domain sale, so I searched … and it was available.

Here’s hoping I’m better with a little site on the internet, than I’d be with a hammer and chisel in a prairie.

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