Tongue Bath Time

I get a chuckle from Canadian Prank channel ‘Just For Laughs’ (JFL) now and then. It’s a good place to study human reactions in unheard of situations … such as a stranger licking ice cream off someone else’s child’s face.

The offending stranger is probably the boys real mother. Glad they didn’t use the boys real father instead. Odd isn’t it … if it’s the boys real mother folks go along with it, but if it was the boys real father … cringe and CPS time … and rightly so. Just wipe the child’s face on the lawn … that’ll stop little Billy making another mess.

The reactions from those being pranked seem rather timid. If this was in Australia, that ‘stranger’ would have been beaten off with a barrage of brollies.

‘Woof woof’, another JFL favorite. (video)

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