Baby #Kookaburra gets snubbed by it’s oldies

The CB-shed #Kookaburra loitering parents didn’t share much today, but yesterday they gave it all to the noisy little one. (about 2 months old) Funny how the little guy could have simply hopped (they hop?) forward 30cm more to fed itself, but it’s only taking what the adults give.

4:20 dad (I think it’s a male) looks at the second camera (not usually there thus why he’s eye balling it) and seems to laugh knowing he has a last chunk of Aldi mystery meat roll.

They earn their bit by keeping the mice, rats, snakes and David Dimmocks down.

My first dual camera video attempt, but bloody camera 1 went flat half way through.

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6 Thoughts to “Baby #Kookaburra gets snubbed by it’s oldies”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    mmmm yum kookaburra veil soup…

    is a kookaburra considered vermin ?
    I used to hand feed them as a kid
    mystery meat devon sausage was a favourite in my vermin bird family…

    1. Vermin? Usually I’d be offended on their behalf, but this morning I was looking up male from female info and also seen they’ll supposedly eat their young hatchings (stalks drop theirs to death from heights) if they’re weak or food is tight. (the other reason I feed them) When I was about 10, I air-rifle shot one in Sunnyvale Park at Benowa and cremated it in a burnt out tree stump. I was a fuck-head child. I’ve felt guilty ever since thus why I’ll look out for them now. Free aerial guard dogs – not a single David Dimmock in 35 years.

  2. the former artist formally known as the bush

    ‘Stalk’ is like David Dimmock – when is ROCKX or whatever it is going to come up with some originals and perform at Rompa Room?
    ‘Stork’ is the bird that delivers human babies (apparently) – is that where that came from ?
    Air rifle? should have used a .44 magnum – the most powerful handgun in the world as used by DIrty Harry and many a cowboy in the olden days…
    Would have blown the storks head clean off

  3. the former artist formally known as the bush

    the famous .44magnum is also available in rifle
    allows the hunter to blow the storks head clean off from some distance away

  4. the bush has a large penis

    I can confirm your tiny penis
    I have not seen the penis – or lack thereof however I have heard about its miniature size so many times if must be true.
    Could explain your ongoing virginity

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