$2K dunny rolls, hero thief, wollies whales , leper cash, sick sick doctor and one real budgie!

$2,000 FOR 20 DUNNY ROLLS?

Is that you Beijing Bob?

Posing as a Gumtree customer, Channel 9 smoked out 5 O’Clock Charlie and his 20 pack of dunny rolls ready to drop on his enemies for two grand.

Come on, anyone you take that much profit from isn’t going to be your friend.


Paul Charles Dozsa – ran out on a $50 “succulent” meal

Desperate for anything to post about, the grubby Daily Mail gave a thief an extra 5 minutes of shame today.

In his latest 5 minutes, a supposedly innocent Dozsa claims he schemed to act insane so the cops that arrested him for STEALING would send him to a less secure nut-house where he could later escape.

  • Why would an innocent SANE man dream that BS up?
  • If he was innocent, why didn’t he sue the cops?
  • Escaping from a Govt institution is another crime in itself

Who let this loony out?

2 months ago that Canadian (only they wear socks with sandals) punk band ‘The Chats’ found him nicking ciggy butts out of their mums (same mum, three fathers) 1989 Tarago touring van ashtrays.

While puffing on a lit butt, he told them the sad story that even that the desperate DM (at the time) didn’t want to hear.

The sandal wearing Canadians spent a week coming up with a 1 minute song (the other minute in the video is non-music BS)  promoting stealing food from restaurants!

Crime wave impact from this video will be low to nil because…

  • ‘The Chats’ fans only eat KFC and ear wax
  • Many “succulent Chinese” restaurants are closed because of BGFV-10130701 (Bill Gates funded virus) fears


Three sweaty land whales clashed in a Sydney Woolworths store today over toilet paper. (yes, that again)

Two related whales in grey tops, a mother and daughter. The third whale in purple leggings, from an unknown pod.


  • Grey whales had more than the 4 dunny pack pack limit
  • Purple leggings whale grabbed a pack off them
  • No one owned anything yet, all still unpaid for
  • Young grey whale lands a punch on purple pants

Yet when the cops turned up, no assault charges on the grey whales. What a bizarre country.

08/03/20 Grey whales charged



World Health Organisation (WHO) wants us all to submit to their mates at the World Bank (NWO) and only use plastic to pay for stuff because cash carries germs that “can last for hours if not days”

How long do the same germs on their touch screens, ATM, EFTPOS keypads and the hands of bank tellers last?

Same hygiene methods are needed for both anyway.

The new world order ass holes (Rothschilds) are loving this window to scare people away from cash and into their long sort after cashless one world  governance government plantation.

They can’t see what we buy with cash, and they can’t take a fee for using our own money each translation … and that’s just killing them inside!!! Many people in the DM comments have their eyes open!



If you have AIDS or HIV and go screw someone without telling them you’re sick, you’ll go to jail!

Yet if you’re a doctor and know you’re sick, and you still treat 70+ patients without telling them you’re sick … you’ll get to walk free and folks will treat you like a hero.

Welcome to profit over public health Australia!


A recent comment spammer calling his-her-it’s self the “bald avenger” has been accusing me of playing pre-recorded Youtube budgie chirping over the CB radio.

Such ghastly unjust LIES!! My name isn’t Paul Charles Dozsa!!!


Twin screen budgies – Billy’s first time watching TV

It all LIES!!!!

Although my bored budgie Billy might have! His much older wife died two week ago and there are no other budgies here any-more. (a snake and or old age got them all)

Poor little fella has a shit owner that won’t spend $10 on a new root bride for him.

I told him to chillax as I haven’t had a root in 23 years – and he gives me a stupid look like he doesn’t understand why he’s the one locked in the cage.

Maybe I should grab Paul Charles Dozsa and we admit ourselves into a nut-house.

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3 Thoughts to “$2K dunny rolls, hero thief, wollies whales , leper cash, sick sick doctor and one real budgie!”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    wow a whole lot of fake news in this post – i guess its cool to just make shit up these days

    Im not sure $2k toilet roll guy was looking for friends – more looking for morons who would pay too much for a household item in times of media (and bat meat) created histeria

    The Chats are not canadian – they are AUSTRALIAN and live on the sunshine coast in QLD. Wikipedia says they met at school in Noosa – not in their mothers womb, so the rest of that story would seem to be completely made up too.

    The land whales – charges have been laid today. Remember after an incident, police need an official complaint to work with, then they gather evidence to make sure the incident actually occurred, then they lay charges. Usually doesnt happen as soon as police arrive.

    The sick doctor has today complained about his treatment by the victorian government – more fake news about him knowing he was sick and knowingly infecting others – His daughter is Missy HIggins by the way.

    And finally your budgies – the noises on the Public CB radio call channel 11 that everyone is subjected to regularly are definitely pre-recorded – 1 budgie could not possibly make that much noise one minute, then be silenced the next.

    There is another flaw with this site – after a new post has been made, it is not possible to comment on any previous posts – this could be intentional but I would like to bring it to your attention
    I would also like to reply to the bald avengers (possibly david dimmock) comment where he states:
    “Sellin’ Petrol have changed their name to Sellin’ toilet paper” (more fake news)
    reply: wow, they will be more famous than The Chats in no time


  2. Hahaha have a moan. Such an amazing truth detective yet missed the ‘satire’ tag on the footer. Any turds, Canadian or otherwise that promote not paying restaurant bills (stealing) needs as much satire dumped on them as possible. Those that glorify that old thief deserve the same.

    The ‘whales’ and ‘doctor’ blog was posted yesterday. TODAYS update on that doctor isn’t convincing – looks like he’s just trying to keep his ass out of court and jail. That’s an opinion, not “fake news”.

    Only thing FAKE on here is you, a liar (“ow I don’t know the name of the company that buys my batteries”) that’ll make money off his ‘mates’ given the chance. If you can’t post, that’s because you keep using FAKE email addresses which the automated comment spam filter blocks out. It’s not me, it’s you!


  3. the former artist formally known as the bush

    dont miss womens cricket final tonight live on tv in front of a possible record crowd at the MCG

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