GMH leaves again, Australian freak preaching global cull, and pigs still can’t fly

Australian freak wants all humans dead (Hitler who?)

DM story time. An Australian ‘Professor’ freak working in the UK wants all humans to die so that the earth may live. April fools already?

Patricia MacCormack, not leading my example and not dying off first.

Straight to the centre right DM comments to have a laugh.

Ow, but it turns out many are agreeing with her.

Quick Google of AU and UK fertility rates, shows we’re already dying off. Maybe the chart from the World Bank isn’t reliable enough for the mass death freak?

Australian Gov ABS graph says things are worst at 1.74

So a freak that wants to out do Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined in a global mass cull, knows better than the Australian Government and World Bank?

She’s teaching students in Uni’s this human hating crap. Many folks liked Hitler’s Mein Kampf crap in the early days too. Henry Ford for example.

Speaking of the same Ford…

Holden has left the building (again)

I can’t get my head around the lame stream media that capitulates to China and slaps down Australia.

A red dog at the Daily Mail today called Stephen Johnson had the gall to blame GMH for Holden’s Australian shut down.

Despite receiving billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies over many decades, to keep its manufacturing afloat, GM showed little loyalty to the Australian government.

Back in the good old days when the government still the chance to do the right thing by Australia.

 *** $2.50 an hour labour in China is the reason Holden shut down. We could NEVER compete! ***

So rather than sending Xi Jinping the extra import tax bill on his slave made tin-cans, we the Australian tax payers in the non-automotive sectors, had to fund the GMH workers instead with subsidies.

image source: Daily Mail

$50+ an hour dock workers didn’t strike when these ships turned up at our wharfs with $2.50 an hour labour commie tin cans.

I’m not blaming the Unions, but come on, nothing gets in without their participation.

Blame for our Australian demise is on those that write the laws!

The same pigs that have been going along with the UN’s 1975 treason to de-industrialise first world nations like Australia.

Speaking of pigs…

Pig’s still can’t fly

Ow poop, better end this page with something funny. It’s from 2014, but I only just seen it on Reddit today.

60 frames per second Go-Pro video becomes stable before impact, which means the camera was spinning at 60 times per second.

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  2. UPDATE: Next day on the 17th Alan Jones was saying everything that I said on the 16th about who’s to blame for Holden etc leaving.

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