Big Brother, err, Evil Uncle is Watching?

evil uncles
Evil Uncles?

Logged in 50 minutes ago to add the previous poo jogger post … my admin dash board showed no visitors on the site at that time.

Two minutes after I hit ‘publish’ on the poo page, the land of communist dictators are viewing my blog through … drum roll … Microsoft Explorer web browsers. Hahaha. I’d hide the IP’s for any other country, but not China. (whom hack my government)

All the hype in the news about China being so strong and secure, yet they still use NWO ass hole Bill Gates, Microsoft?

The best choice for security by far is Linux. Last time I read the tech news a few years back, China had it’s own version of Linux. Ow well, if that’s you Evil Uncle, send my cold careless regards to your dictator.

Like most, I’ve never been out of Australia, thus I usually form my world opinions on what the main stream telly fed us over the years. Up until about three months ago, I used to worry about commie China.

Then came along two white guys (Winston Sterzel and Matthew Tye) on (restricted sized … commie law) motor bikes that live and work in China. They do rolling ADVChina Youtube video blogs while riding around the country.

Wow, my view of China has gone 180. A nation I though was strong, clean, prosperous and growing … is a dirty crumbling shit hole.

New city buildings falling apart after 4 years … ghost cities with no one in them .. main highways with more holes than all the cheese in Switzerland.

A culture that cooks human placenta (slimy after birth) and serves them in restaurants … is probably going to be a bit alien.

Sure they hold a lot of wealth, but I’m yet to see any of it distributed back to the people. That’s what communism is supposed to be about after all, right Xi?

Ow evil uncle, I picked up the term “Evil Uncle” from the ADVChina guys. From time to time they would notice you evil uncles following them around.

To be fair, foreigners have a lot more freedom of movement around China than I was led to believe before watching these guys.

I spent a few days straight watching all their videos. The placenta info (and you thought I was joking?) video is when Matthew (on his main channel) is in hospital with his Chinese wife and new born. The weird restaurant is across the road from the hospital. (fresh is best)

If you like bikes, beautiful country side views, and maybe deep fried placenta, I recommend them.

Watch out for the “milk dogs”. (pregnant dogs with Chinese children suckling off them)

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