Atheist Foreign Dictator creates 3,000 temporary Australian jobs distributing commie made rubbish to Christ Mass dummies

Main stream ‘news’ making bad news look good again.

This is a rare rant-less post with a strong title that’s probably best broken down part by part…

Atheist Foreign Dictator

Xi Jinping doesn’t like Jesus Christ personally, or in China

creates 3,000 temporary Australia jobs

He, commie Xi, indirectly created our 3,000 temp jobs, because he won’t raise China’s minimum wage to match Australia’s. The supposed good news story on the Courier Mail and on Queensland Times, is pointing out the 3,000 (temporary … yeah they forget to mention that) jobs are needed because of an influx of foreign postal items.

OK, rant is coming … You see, each year, more folks are learning how to buy shit online, and most of those sales are from eBay etc. (oddly we cant sell to Chinese people on the same eBay though)

Sorry Harvey Norman, your in-store Chinese slaves goods are no better than the crap delivered via Australia Post. You’re still an un-Australian turd with stores pushing 99% foreign made crap.

distributing Communist made rubbish

Communism is communism. Our grand daddies fought against it, yet here we are in 2018 embracing the garbage. It’s disgusting. Ask the families of those shot dead at the Timinin Square massacre. Commie Mao (still a rock star in China) killed more (45+ million) than Saddam Hussein (petrol was 55 cents when he was alive) yet no one is taking ‘Democracy’ to commie China.

Ass-hole Hitler’s gone (21+ million) but if anyone tries to revive his National Socialist Party, all hell breaks loose. Yet Mao’s communist party lives on. Think about that

to Christ Mass Dummies

December 25th each year, and the 3,000 jobs, is about a guy called Jesus Christ. (no “J” back then, real name Yeshua)

A group called Catholics that follow him, well, they seem to love his mother more for some sick reason … have a ritual they call “Mass”

‘Jesus Christ Mass’ was a bit long, so they dropped,Jesus’

‘Christ Mass’

Then the Jesus hating media owners (relatives of those that bothered Pontius Pilate) got sick of it, and shortened it even more to …  Christmas

Now the main stream media want us to be happy because 3,000 temporary jobs, importing $2 an hour ATHEIST made slaves crap is a good idea at this Jesus Christ Mass time of year. Whoopie. (yes, I know, he was born in September)

Anyway, all that cloud fairy stuff aside – most of the crap coming in giving those 3,000 Australia Post workers jobs, is TEMPORARY! They’d have all year round jobs if the same stuff was still made in Australia.

Go on, check your underwear labels and the other clothing you’re wearing right now … prove me wrong.

Have a label of something made NOW DAYS that says “Made In Australia”? Shock me and mail it to

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