Pining for the current billions that took away our past trillions

I get sick of reading about how dependent Australia has become on foreigners to survive.

A Nation that can’t survive on it’s own, is a lower case nation.

This week’s media moan is about one third of the paying (paid for by flogging off our baby formula) foreign students at Australian Universalities, maybe buzzing off due to the Coronavirus. (Covid-19)

How did we survive 20+ years ago without foreign commie students?

Gee, how did our economy ever survive without them 20 years ago? Easy, we had an Australian manufacturing work force economy. Remember Holden etc? Now that’s all gone overseas by 1975 UN Lima Agreement design, we’re now nothing but a burger flipping ‘service nation’ training up future foreign industry leaders.

‘Happy Bob’ in the (yet approved) DM comments on a story titled … “Australia could lose a THIRD of its Chinese students if coronavirus travel ban stays in place – smashing country’s $38billion higher education industry”

There must be a specific descriptive word or term to describe whining about something going wrong NOW … that was the death of something that used to be right for Australia in the PAST.

Quiz: We left tariffs on imported slave made crap so low, you lost all your Australian manufacturing jobs. Now we invite in those foreign peoples with your old jobs … and depend on them for $32+ BILLION each year. Who are we?

Contrary to what is said in the video, Australia never “signed”.

We didn’t need too, as we’ve (globalist traitor leaders on all sides) been going along with the plan anyway – rest of the video info is spot on.

source: Wikipedia

Gee what a 1975 onward coincidence, huh? 1980 onward towards 2020 … going down, down down … all the way down hill, baby!

Up until the current Coronavirus matter, it would be safe to reverse that chart for the number of foreign communist dollars supposedly needed to keep Australia afloat.

Covid-19 cloud might have a silver lining?

I own nothing and have no money, thus a recession wouldn’t bother me. Someone always needs a mower fixed and bags of rice are cheap.

I have a wild dream that cutting the cord on that deplorable indirect baby formula revenue stream, might force manufacturing jobs back into Australia one day.

Independence, not dependence! Australia, not New South China!

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