When ‘smart’ Australian school boys could own guns and Hoges got away with being Aussie.

Paul Hogan Show 1990's

This stood out while watching Paul Hogan re-runs tonight … geezz a 1990’s stage full of Euro-Australian children. Hoges would get slammed with a barrage of slurs if he tried the same today. But then again, Traditionals have their own race based TV show “Living Black”, and own race based channel NITV … which is supposedly OK. Those Jedi mind tricks. Level playing field TV show coming soon … drum roll … ‘Living White’? No of course not, that would be *ucking racist. But the below supposedly isn’t… OECD recently…

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Tuesday night, cheap wine, cheap guitar, pre-hang over groundhog day.

rodney and tommy

It’s 9:40pm Tuesday night again … not likin’ how the year has flown by. Must be time for guitar practice. Kicking off with Aussie Tommy Emmanuel first. As a boy, he learnt by listening to guitar greats such as Chet Atkins and Les Paul. I’ve been trying his listening technique for 30 years … and I’m still having trouble doing it. I’d do it during the day, but who does it during the day? Do you? It’s better at…

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Rooftopper LCD Test: If your stomach doesn’t churn you need a bigger screen

angela nikolau

While catching up on the UK TV series (I watch it online) “Our Guy in Russia” today, Guy, (the guys name in the guy show about the guy, is Guy .. haha) visited Russian “Rooftoppers”. The Rooftoppers do what their name suggests – amazing very high up dangerous death defying performances … OK stupid bloody illegal stunts to impress folks to pay them monkey money for risking their lives. I’m OK with that, but if they fall and land on innocent people and kill them … and or the janitor…

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Aussie babies going without because of Chinese grannies?

granny love milk

Over the years since the end of the one child policy, stocks of baby milk formula in China have been low to nil … or deadly. Plan B. buy up safe baby milk powder from foreign countries. Australia is one of the targeted countries. Chinese citizens visiting and living in Australia, are cleaning out our supermarkets and sending our supplies back to commie China where it’s then¬† on-sold at exorbitant prices to dry tittied mothers. Today while trying to find the ‘human placenta Chinese restaurant’ video I watched a few…

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Dang, after three years of doubt I’m now a ‘Flyboard Air’ believer

Flyboard Air

It’s been three years or so since I first seen a French guy standing on a tiny jet powered platform, supposedly flying around at 150km. All the past videos of this French guy, I one way or another ended up coming across, were so polished that they looked fake. The polished videos looked like they were filmed at midday when shadows were minimal and hard to see. Most videos were always over water, yet hardly ever any visible water disturbance was seen from the supposed seven mini jet engines. There…

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Tongue Bath Time

I get a chuckle from Canadian Prank channel ‘Just For Laughs’ (JFL) now and then. It’s a good place to study human reactions in unheard of situations … such as a stranger licking ice cream off someone else’s child’s face. The offending stranger is probably the boys real mother. Glad they didn’t use the boys real father instead. Odd isn’t it … if it’s the boys real mother folks go along with it, but if it was the boys real father … cringe and CPS time … and rightly so.…

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