Rock musician Eric Clapton regrets having taken the ‘experimental’ Covid-19 ‘vaccines’

UK Rock ‘n Roller musician Eric Clapton shares his regrets on camera after having had both his Covid-19 injections.

May 12, 2021 a letter came out supposedly penned by Clapton and released on ‘America’s Front Line Doctors’ website, but it didn’t seem real at the time as not many MSM outlets covered the story.

Those that did cover it such as the Rolling Stones magazine, framed Clapton as a kooky paranoid propagandist.

GOVTS and their willing media-mouth pieces, want to drive as many sheep into the dip (“vaccines”) as possible, as fast as possible, before the public at large learn about safe prophylactics such as, Ivermectin.

No one has died from Ivermectin use for Covid use; but many have, and will from those GMO-stabs that the mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone, (Ivermectin supporter) has serious concerns about regarding bone marrow cancer and female ovaries sterilisation. (12 minute overview of the original 3hr talk)

Expensive EUA trials “vaccines” can’t be approved if alternative, effective treatments exist. Having un-stabbed control groups, are a seedy profits over lives NGO-GOVTS, worst nightmare.

Eric Clapton: Exclusive & Uncensored | Oracle Films

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