Queensland Govt admits falsifying Covid-19 death numbers

The more ‘dead due to Covid-19’, the longer the so called governments can keep herd lock down restrictions.

Wanna go back to the pub sooner? Whoops, hang on, another scary blip on the screen popped up delaying that.

What happens if you’re a megalomaniac labor-fabian government that wants a police state, but you don’t have the ‘scary’ death numbers to justify it to the plebs?

Easy, when someone dies of a heart attack, cancer, starvation, third degree burns, sepsis, AIDS etc, but coincidently they have a very mild case of Covid-19 … record the death as “Convid-19”.

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30 year old Queensland mine worker Nathan Turner, with a history of medical issues, died this week.

He supposedly had no clue that he had Covid-19.

“His fiance arrived at their home after her shift at the Fairnbairn Bakery to find his dead body, with neither knowing he was suffering with COVID-19.” Daily Mail 27/05/20

28/05/20 update: Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly now claims Mr Turner, a MINER, had a “respiratory illness” for three weeks. Oddly didn’t say “Covid-19” though.

Yet this is what the Queensland health stasi had to say…

“Whether or not COVID-19 was the precipitating cause for his death, that’s how we report it.” Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young source: DM

Whether or what? Onus is on the word “not”.

The Daily Mail report goes on to say no autopsy has been done, and no real answers are available yet … YET the so called government claimed his death, on their lock-down toll list as Covid-19.

Australia’s death toll now stands at 103. Daily Mail

No, it’s 102, until it’s confirmed that only Covid-19 killed Mr Turner

Had there been no underlying conditions Mr Turner, like the majority probably would have recovered.

Now the media and morons in the comments are trying to pin his “Covid-19” death on a woman that broke curfew … all the while, while Nathan’s own partner Simone had been going to work and mingling with all sorts of people.

No surprise, now she (supposedly) has Covid-19 too.

How many more on the 102 death LIST were NOT due to Covid-19? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

It’s no secret the test kits are unreliable, and most deaths have been elderly with serious pre-exiting conditions

An accurate figure of deaths with no under laying conditions should be given too. Yet there is none.

My guess is, cut the official 102 in half to 51, then compare that to the 2018 and 2019 flu season totals.

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Same inflated numbers have been going on in America and Mexico.

Americans are being shown scary crematoriums in Mexico with smoke billowing out of chimneys. Yet when American blogger ‘Dollar Vigilante’ drove down to interview crematorium staff, they said there were NOT busy.

Coffin sellers, taxis etc operating next to a main hospital, weren’t busy either.

Those images of burials in a New York “park” we were shown? Families usually had 30 days to claim deceased bodies, but that was reduced to 14 days after Covid-19 broke out. You’re in lock down, so how do you go claim and bury Nanna? That “park” is on an Island, and was being used for burials BEFORE the outbreak of the CCP-virus.

The longer this hype goes on, the longer we stay locked up. The longer we’re locked up, the more eager people will become, beg for, and bend over to conditions they’d usually outright reject!

‘Well plebs, if you want freedom, accept the cashless new world order, COVIDSafe app, and take our experimental vaccines. 130 “healthy” plebs before you have in Australia so far. If it harms or kills you, you here-by waive your rights to sue the Australian government and /or the American Bill Gates funded company, Novavax. Hold out your arms now, and feel your … free-doom!’

A big give away in all of this is, in October 2019, international miliary games were held in Wuhan, China. Some of the military athletes from the US, France etc caught Covid-19 back then.

That was October 2019.

That Australian singer Guy Sebastian claims he caught it too .. “late last year” while in Wuhan. Why was he in Wuhan of all places? Was he part of the games entertainment troupe in October?

Where’s our fricking so called leader Scott Morrison, standing up and pointing out this October 2019 kick-start?

Nah, even though FEDERAL has the ultimate Constitutional power over STATES, Morrion will snivel, and let State leaders like Dan Andrew’s appease China, which in turn is pissing off our British bloodline tribal members, operating out of America.

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