New World Muzzled: 2 minute Aldi store catch-up with someone that should have Karate chopped me

Face nappy on, outer the car, trolley in hand after unlocking with an old flat coin battery, into Aldi to buy some tucker.

Hardly in the front door… “Hello cOOter”? (my old CB radio name)

I turn to see a muzzled lady by the fresh fruit section – my blurry alcohol damaged eyes try to focus in…brain kicks over trying to remember, just by her friendly eyes.

Short embarrassing deer in the headlights 8 second pause: Match


Ow, it’s Mrs L, a kind person that would walk a mile or two to pay for your parking meter (whoops I still owe her a few dollars) when you’re stuck sitting in court over silly CB stuff. Been 4 months or so since last seeing her and hubby, Mr L at the same Aldi. I’ll never forget them for the support they gave me that court day, March 5, 2012 (date is on the pen camera footage I illegally

Back to Aldi today – My mind was racing. Someone still speaks to me after all my drunken CB rants? Am I allowed to stop and talk to friendlies at the store? Unelected NSW Dr Chant says it’s banned down there. I hadn’t checked the QLD fear news in over 60 minutes. Maybe being friendly here was an “offence” now too..

Not to upset my WEF loving government that still wants me to wear a face nappy even 2 weeks after that fully gmo-jabbed airport worker kicked off the current BS…I kick into cautious, but safe, French Resistance mode.

Quickly, and genuinely, “How’s all of the family going”

Time running out before the ‘Chant Chat Cops’ turn up…

“Have you had the trials (I saved Greg Hunt saying it) vaccinations” I asked…

Mrs L said she’d had both Pfizer shots.

I don’t get out much any more. Mrs L is the first person I’ve meet that’s had the gmo-jabs.

“Have you heard of Ivermectin” ($1 off-label tablet used to stop river blindness, scabies…yes and for vet use too..but on the WHO’s list of important medicines. 35 years, 4 billion doses. 2015 Noble Prize winner)

Mrs L relied. “No”

“Have you heard of Australia’s top immunologist, Professor Robert Clancy”

(Original link now dead:

Mrs L relied. “No”

“He supports Ivermectin, as it “docks” onto the spikes of Covid-19 stopping it attaching to us. Earlier, April 2020 Dr Kylie Wagstaff at Monash Uni discovered it “eliminates” Covid-19″,-Ivermectin,-eliminates-SARS-CoV-2-in-cells-in-48-hours

With seconds to spare before the Chat-troopers breached the airlock…

“The guy that helped invent the mRNA technology, Dr Robert Malone, has had both Moderna shots, and now regrets it. He now supports Ivermectin instead.” (3hr interview below)

I had 20 minutes to shop and get back home – under our muzzles we eye smiled and parted ways.

Now in order, of my nutty sounding 2 minutes Aldi points I feel compelled to back up each claim made.

Hiccup..I’ll do that tomorrow when I’m sober – music in the front room is calling me and my budgie to go live on CB channel 4

Meanwhile, please hear-out the doctor in America that is having the greatest success saving lives from the “gain of function” BS only befitting “great reset” ass-holes seen atop this post.

Dr. Joseph Varon, 1,600+ MSM interviews, CNN calls the “Covid Hunter”

The pretty girl is FOX reporter Ivory Hecker – she was sacked for letting those like Dr Joseph reveal in detail how he’s saving lives, very cheaply.

2 out of 3 people that have died world wide would have been saved had Ivermectin been given

to be continued.

related: PM Morrison says it’s your fault if you die from his pushed gmo-jabs

related: Months after Monash’s discovery, VERY SLOW WHO called Ivermectin “promising”

related: December 2020, Australian Senate updated their paper work giving local and foreign troops impunity while on our streets.

related: UK Charles and unelected German born communist a-hole, Klaus Schwab that’s using this global ‘pandemic’ to change the world into a global Marxist dictatorship

“You will own nothing, and you will be happy” -WEF website.

Imagine if Morrison, Albanese or Biden said the same crap.

They all love the WEF a-holes that plant such thoughts with sick psychopath smiles.

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