Silly customer wastes $400+ for new clutch on $20 death trap

While looking for videos on how to change a Mazda 121 clutch, (I’ve never done a front wheel drive before) only one close, a 626, came up.

The mechanic dude sounds like a Canadian sandal n socks wearing chats fan, although his Rusty Belt Auto channel says USA.

From the start (funny sounding Canadian accent) he’s pissed off with the customer (not there) and the car … walks around it showing how rusted and worthless it is. $20+ at the scarp yard.

New clutch and labour and machining would be $400+.

Those that like mechanical stuff might get a laugh from his no BS commentary. It increases in frustration when the front left axel won’t come off. His solution with the angle grinder might be a bit unorthodox.

“You can’t work on Fords without chisels, man”

The frustrated ending… “I think I’m done. OK … BYE”!!!!! cracked me up.

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