Our Gold Coast Dr. John Gerrard promoted to QLD CHO tarred and feathered me a “ratbag”

REMEMBER two years ago when the global problem maker was China and their Fauci ‘gain-of-function’ bio-weapon? Today’s it’s supposedly me, a victim of all this BS.

According to a Gold Coast doctor I’d never heard of until last month, I and healthy Queenslanders that have not submitted to experiential ‘gene therapies’ are “ratbags”

Last month this same Dr. John Gerrard was on grubby Channel 9 ACA (Tracey brags about the NWO) being treated like some high ranked military medical doctor out of Stalin’s USSR.

He didn’t have the uniform on, but he sure wore the attitude of a Gulag commander…

“So, (there’s) the complete ratbags who believe in conspiracy theories and … I just don’t know what to do about them,” Dr Gerrard said

Wanking on about ‘not knowing what to do’ with people like myself? He’s not my doctor, and in October he had no power to do shit to me.

Me thinks he was jumping the gun a bit early, trying out his new role a month early.

Below is a little info poster I made to shove up his proverbial clacker – or at least hang on the wall in the Toowoomba ‘Wellcamp’ cabin he’ll want to send those like me to.

I might be a “ratbag”, but that grub, based on the real MSM info he looks past while targeting me, is a dead-set f-ing psychopath in the making.

Ratbag Dr John Gerrard

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