Review: Russell ‘Cringe’ Coight Season 03 … so far.

season 3 russell cringe coight

I was excited when hearing the news a couple months back, that Russell Coight (Australian Bloke that makes Superman look like Freddie Mercury in a sissy frock) was coming back for another season on the telly (Aussie slang for ‘idiot box’) …. but I only just today caught up with the first three new season 3 episodes.

Geez Russ, all I can say is, thanks for the nap.

Every gag …. balls squashed or zapped in window louvres or on electric fences … run away vehicles … were all so obviously going to happen … before they did.

I’ve yet to watch a comedian that tells the punch line before saying the joke. Although Dave Chappelle (my favourite comedian) did with the; “And then I punched her right in the pussy” … tag line.

Ow anyway, that was a one off gag never to be done again because it just ain’t funny a second time. Then there’s Russell Cringe Coight… mate, what’s going on?

Cringe fest 2018 coming to a Channel 10 station near you.

Season 1 and 2 were rippers (Aussie lingo for *ucking cool) He must have someone else writing his material now days. Either that or I’m turning into an old whining bitch. Probably a little of both 🙂


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