The ‘comedic art’ of being a ‘socially accepted racist pig’

TV Review: Tax funded ABC “Black Comedy” program is back for another season reminding whites they’re scum because of the last 230+ years. Same ABC loves racist commie China buying the place up. If the place is stolen, then China is buying stolen goods – but ABC is OK with that. Common sense doesn’t apply when you’re a racist pig.

WARNING: The following lesson should not be tried by white people. If you’re anyone else, then read on and learn how to be a socially acceptable racist pig, financed by the majority white tax paying oppressor.

Step 1: Apply for a “comedy actor, writer” job at ABC.

Would white comedians such as Glenn Robbins lower their comedy to such¬†‘*uck Black People’ immature levels? No of course not – he has dignity.

Step 2: Grab your favourite racist T-Shirt, sit down with like minded racist pigs and plan a “comedy skit” around it.

Step 3: Get on the telly with at least one self-hating-white stooge and strut your true racist feelings. Whites watching won’t be offended because they’ll see a white stooge and think, ‘well it must be OK because a white is also in the skit’.

Step 4. Finally, end the skit with your ‘two wrongs make a right’ subliminal message – dress up a white stooge as Hitler. The whole Nazi holocaust visual pops into their guilty white viewing heads shutting down debate.

Would white comedians such as Julia Zemiro lower their comedy to such ‘*uck Black People’ immature levels? No of course not – she has dignity.

Would a TV comedy program called “White Comedy” or “Living White” be allowed in Australia? NO!

That’s it you’re done – subliminal messages sent – because you’re a non-white racist pig on the telly doing “comedy”, the WASP’s will accept you – you’re a comic genius!

‘Cultural appropriation’ bullshit is no laughing matter. SBS aired the Vikings TV series showing whites have been brading their hair since the earliest of times. Why make whites feel guilty now days? Anti-White programming!

You have a half hour platform to push that same BS each week, so rub it in a bit more .. let the pent up hate flow…

Step 5: While sitting there in your non-traditional clothing doing “comedy” in their white foreign language, pull out the “cultural appropriation” bat and whack it across the white braided heads watching your “program”. When offended whites (that comprehend cultural marxism brain washing techniques) complain to ABC about ‘reverse racism’, just smile back and reply; But bruda, it was just deadly comedy“.

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