Rare ‘Married With Children’ Living Room Camera Angle

Bundy's living room

I rarely turn the TV on due to all the NU (naturally uncorrect) propaganda garbage that seems to be saturating every local DTV station now days.

Instead, I’ve been re-watching old shows like Married with Children, The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, The King of Queens, Mr Bean, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Dukes of Hazard, The Black Adder, Green Acres, Hogan’s Heros, Skippy, A Country Practice, Paul Hogan and so forth.

Watching 259 episodes, 11 years of Married With Children in four weeks was a marathon. In all those  episodes, one camera angle stood out the most … that being what the family was looking at while in the living room and sitting on the famous couch.

Yes they were looking at the TV, but what was behind it? Yes we assumed a wall, but it was only ever shown once. Yes this was an indoor stage prop, hahaha, but the point was, in all those 259 episodes over 11 years, this camera angle was only ever shot once.

Errr, and I forgot to write down which episode, in the last few sessions this was in. (been 6 months since the above screen shot)

99.9% sure MWT never took us into Kelly Bundy’s (Christina Applegate) bedroom either. ( 🙁 ) Might have been once, but I would have been too busy checking out her assets to notice.

Guess I’ll have to watch them all again. Either that, or go turn the TV back on and be brainwashed into believing men with no wombs can be womb-men. (women) … or being told smoke and dust inhalation was “a gas attack in Syria”.

Nah, I’ll leave that box off and move onto The King of Queens nine season collection next. Mmmm, Leah Remini, natural woman.

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6 Thoughts to “Rare ‘Married With Children’ Living Room Camera Angle”

  1. Dave

    Seems odd building a back wall prop for a single use. Yet there it is.

  2. col'pop ~ coldpopcarl

    it is shown in a few episodes . You are correct on it being a RARE VIEW Shot of the WALL behind the tv .
    This episode here is
    ÷Change For Buck ÷s8 Epi 11 #167

    another episode ( shorter time of it being seen
    WALL , TV , PICTURE , 2 Windows, Drapes ( this one the drapes are different GREEN too ( solid light green only ) not like the drapes in Change For Buck [ 2 tone green Checker Board

    Kelly’s Got a Habbit ÷s11 Epi 3 #238
    when all tackles the robber during the sex nun orgey Al pretending to be a Chicago police offer during a COPS did along with Officer Dan .

    I do believe there is one More Time this RARE ANGLE SHOT VIEW is SHOT and seen .
    cheers from Alaska , col’pop ~ coldpopcarl

    1. Cool, another MWC fan. I’ll look those ep’s up. Cheers 😉

  3. coldpopcarl ~ col'pop

    Another episode which has this RARE ANGLE shot scene of Wall Behind the TV is
    Season 2 epi 22 “All In The Family”
    @ Aprox 20:15 all goes to watch HONDO [ Western Classic Theater ] which was taped by Family member ( King Kong Bundy ) Uncle Irwin ( James “gypsy” Haake) Uncle Otto then goes static and plays a video of the two .
    This episode is a Dream/ remenesing of PEG{Margaret)} asking Al if it’s OK for the Family to come to visit stay .

    ( the Del Rurio Triplets) the Wanker Triplets Milly , Elena , Eadie

    The episode is DEDICATED To The Memory of
    “DIVINE” 1945-1988

    I do think again there is yet another Episide as this I do not think was the episode I referred to back 5 months ago

  4. coldpopcarl ~ cil'pop

    KELLY’s ROOM is seen/used in
    Season-11 episode-6 production 11.6 series-241
    “A Bundy Thanksgiving”

    Kelly brings home a BIG CHICKEN ( TURKEY ) which she names/ calls HANK” “HANKE-E” she is sitting in her bedroom on a CHAIR talking about saving HANK she wants hime to FLY AWAY , She tosses him into the Air ( Thinking he will fly ) Hank falls to ground and is killed . HE now finally gets COOKED for thanksgiving .

    cheers from Alaska , col’pop

    1. Howdy col’pop. Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve had a bad Aussie hang over 🙂

      I’d never heard of ‘Hondo’ until that ep with Al going on about it, so I trusted him and bought a copy too. Top movie. John Wayne is cool.

      Hahaha, and the Wanker Sisters. I love all those ep’s. Ow and poor Hank 🙁

      I’m tempted to get the MWC collection out and peek at each time stamp you’ve found, but I’m not due to re-watch the series yet.
      I usually go 2 years or so in-between re-runs and watch them sequentially.
      It’s like building up an apatite thing with me … although Christina can pop over any-time.
      Cheers col’pop 😉

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