China, the racist class state! Yet we pander to it.

Video above is of a white dude that I’ve been watching on Youtube for two years called Matthew Tye (aka C-Milk) – he’s lived in China for 10 years.

He and a mate (Winston) would do video-blogs while riding around China on motor bikes – I found their uncensored first hand videos  fascinating … but commentary maybe not as much.

Both he and Winston are married to two Chinese women. They have a young daughter. The wife’s family are in mainland China.

The channel they run called ‘ADVChina‘ has been getting rather boring – too much commie ass kissing for my liking in the last year.

The recent Hong Kong matters last two months have started to turn that pro-everything-Chinese, to a more open look … from Matthew anyway. (I can’t stand smug Winston)

Of all the video’s Matthew has made, this is my favorite so far.

He starts out sounding like he’s bagging out his American home town, while praising up a growing China – at that point I almost turned him off.

But his story has an odd turn around I wasn’t expecting from someone usually so …. pro-China.

I get a good sense of what the commies are up to from this video … and it isn’t a good sense.

What’s does this have to do with me and Australia? I live in a country where our PM says a Chinese born women (Gladys Liu) in his party is not a problem – while ASIO warned she posed a risk.

Love Dictator Xi or end up in a re-education camp with the other 1 million

That weird Mr Bean look-a-like Sam Dastyari did less, yet had to resign.

What country do I live in? The double standards are astounding!





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