#WW3 and rumours of wars, but be not alarmed Matthew

Iran has fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two Iraqi bases housing [Australian and] American troops in a revenge attack for the U.S. drone strike that killed a top Iranian general. DM

Phase II just happened – Iran took Donny’s bait and bombed Aussies and Americans in Iraq.

As if SloMo’s not busy enough with bushfires – a Donny lecture is looming that’ll ask us to send more Aussie troops (3,000 reservists are fighting fires at the moment) to the Middle-East to die in his WW3 project.


Tired bushfire and drought ravaged Australians will demand we all stay focused on problems at home!

Australia’s ‘New Pearl Harbour’ moment

WW2 project, American citizens didn’t want to fight in a far-off European war either.

Early warning radar was removed from Pearl Harbour and the oldest of the navy fleet parked inside.

Three Japanese mini-subs (200km range) were sunk at the harbour entrance (6,000 km from Japan) before hand, yet no high-alert for the motherships.

The final attack happened, and just like on September 11, 2001 … 3,000 sacrificed … and the American public changed course supporting war in Europe.

Without 9/11, we’d never have gone to the Middle East.

The trouble today is, China and Russia are on Iran and Iraq’s side, and we’re over-dependant on China for undies, socks and WoW gaming consoles

Aussie troops are ‘under threat’ in a country we helped invade 17 years ago in 2003 … due to “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD) LIES!!

When 300 or more of our troops die in the coming months, we’ll all push aside the droughts and fires, and beg SloMo to send more troops for Donny’s project.

We’ll be home alone with 58,000+ Iranians in Australia.


But we can just so … “NO”?

A foreign ass-hole, not our PM, told we Australian’s our fate. (endless refugee and military spending)

Section 44 (i) of the Australian Constitution bans submission to foreign powers.

Disqualification Any person who (i) is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power…

600,000+ dead but bloody hands Johnny got his Medal of Freedom SMH

After the Northern hemisphere radiation settles will Trump bestow a five pointed Medal of Servitude around Hill Song SloMo’s neck too? (too lazy to photoshop that)

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