Hello (spherical) world!

Only good thing about the creeping cashless nwo society is the easy (Paypal) refund option  when Domino’s Ashmore makes another crap pizza with stuff  all pepperoni.

First post about … well nothing much.

Last web host’s (Zuver) annual $36 bill came today … bugger that .. good value for what I got … but takes me two weeks to make that much selling peanut shells … so I just pointed rodneystevens.com to a free web host … thus the odd looking rms.x10host.com address (rms aka my initials) [2019 update: now http://goldcoastcb.x10host.com] for a few days until nameserver changes catch up.

X10Hosting.com only allows two extra add-on domain names for free … which I’ve used for higher priority goldcoastcb.x10host.com and rodsmowers.com.

I was a worried about relying on free hosting after using trashy 000webhost a few years back … but after reading their community forum X10 have been around a long time … but more importantly, respond well even to free members.

I’ve been playing quasi webmaster since 2000 (no Facebook or iPhones back then) starting at “Homestead” … right through to my own domains and home XAMPP server  projects over the years.

Running a server from home would be ideal, but at .58 Mbps (LOL, yes there is a decimal in front of 58) upload speed, is out of the question. I double-checked it with another speedtest here.

Thus far X10Hosting have been the best free host I’ve tried. They don’t require adverts or butt kissing blog posts from impressed Aussie’s … so I’ll get up off my knees and go shell some more peanuts.


Thanks X10Hosting.com

2020 updates: For added reassurance and helping out an Aussie company, I’ve gone back to Zuver for this site – but still use x10hosting.com for my old CB Radio site goldcoastcb.x10host.com

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