I’m 50 and my own mother will let me go to the pub!


-Title is a play on the previous post, I’m 6 and my own mother won’t let me go to the pub.

It’s a bugger being half Irish (and half Pom) and never having ever been to Ireland. (yet) Next best thing, full screen and volume up watching Arú play at that rowdy Thatch Bar. (sarcasm)

Katie Barcoe

“Katie Barcoe from Wexford was recorded pestering her mother to allow her to join her Dad and aunties in the Thatch Bar in Wexford for their local football team’s Christmas party.” -The Independent

Wiki: History of County Wexford

Down South, away from those grubby turds and their ‘grooms of the stool‘ … that’s where my Clan cometh from.

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2 Thoughts to “I’m 50 and my own mother will let me go to the pub!”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    so your mum says you’re allowed to go to the pub but you still dont go?
    GT Music is having a rest next week but will be back hosting some of the best up & coming original bands on Jan 10… hope to see you and your mum there…
    ***HOT TIP***
    Unfinished Business are rumoured to be making their long awaited come-back tour starting at the rompa room in nerang sometime in 2020!
    Nobody knows this yet so dont tell anyone but stay tuned for some big announcements

    1. If the pubs were like that here I’d never be home. 4 dislikes, 63 likes DM

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