Rooftopper LCD Test: If your stomach doesn’t churn you need a bigger screen

angela nikolau

While catching up on the UK TV series (I watch it online) “Our Guy in Russia” today, Guy, (the guys name in the guy show about the guy, is Guy .. haha) visited Russian “Rooftoppers”.

The Rooftoppers do what their name suggests – amazing very high up dangerous death defying performances … OK stupid bloody illegal stunts to impress folks to pay them monkey money for risking their lives.

I’m OK with that, but if they fall and land on innocent people and kill them … and or the janitor that has to wipe their ass off the foot path … has a hang-over that day and feels sick during the mop up … then I’m deadly against this stupidity.

Having said that, I like perving on the girl, Angela Nikolau.

Ow, the LCD test …

  • Select 1080p video quality
  • Click full screen
  • Don’t trip

If this doesn’t make you feel dizzy sick, (and in my case something else) then you need smaller balls, a bigger screen, and or a pair of prescription glasses.

Angela Nikolau’s Facebook page.


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