Review: Sick of it, all you lonely people

Watching a new Pommie ‘comedy’ tonight (via a questionable website) called “Sick Of It”. (wiki info)

Sadly I identify with the gloomy, dry witted, character ‘Karl’. (actors real name Karl Pilkington) that can’t move on from a prior love.

I first watched Karl a year back in “An idiot abroad” where he was a tourist in backward third world commie shit holes like China.

At the end of season 1, episode 3, of ‘Sick of It’ I watched tonight, they played the above oldie outro from the band, ‘America’

That motivated me to post this post. I’m no EP (excrement poker), nor are you, but I love watching ye anyway, Karl.

It’s not us, its them. Long live common sense. Anyone that eats an unborn chicken hours before hatching, is ‘an idiot anywhere’. Poor little buggers should be allowed to breathe some polluted Chinese air for a day or two before being boiled alive.

Good to see you broke away from that Gervais wanker. Only talent he has is leeching off others.

Thanks for being real.

PS: Ow, just read your wiki entry … be real … stop being a gutless turd, and marry Suzanne. Or are you planning on leaving her (been with since 1994) some day and couldn’t be #ucked doing all the divorce paper work? Sorry, just thinking criticaly like you do 🙂

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