Incremental cashless society takes another step closer: Religious nutters were right?

cashless society in the suburbs

Limited News (Courier Mail) today is reporting the dismay suburbanian Briso’s are having with their local usury masters. (banksters)

All I see is another step closer to what Christians and such have been prattling on about for decades … long before Skippy and Blankety Blanks …. a sort after cashless “new world order” where the global public won’t be able to buy or sell with physical money any more.

20 cents to make a 100 dollar note

10 years ago I emailed the Reserve Bank of Australia and asked them what the production of one specimen with “100” printed on it costs to make. They replied; “20 cents”. So why delete Australian teller’s jobs and make cash in the hand a thing of the past? It’s not like they can’t afford to print that fiat funny money. (not backed by gold since the 1930’s)

First they left the country towns, and I didn’t speak up.
Next they left the inner suburbs, and I didn’t speak up.
Then they left the outer suburbs, and I didn’t speak up.
Next they scraped the city’s cash bank vaults and I didn’t speak up.
Then they came for my VISA card and I didn’t speak up.
When they came to tattoo their filthy dirty fricking NWO bar code on me, there was no one left that gave a dam.

The usury ass holes have been seeking such global total track trace and control changes for a very long time. If their sort after end game was implemented over night, there would be pitch forks and torches at their doors before dawn.

Planned incremental change is one evil son of a money changing bitch.

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