My first beer in 2 years – I feel so ashamed and dirty

I was 2 years clean, things going well, I cut ties with my old mate VB. But then my right brain took over today.

And after seeing the price go from $3.50 a tallie to $6.99, it’ll be another 2 years before I can afford another one.

750ml gone in 10 minutes. $3 more for 4 litres of Sonata wine that lasts two nights and many bad notes. (I got one of them as well)

$7 fricking dollars for one beer.

That’s 1 loaf of bread, 1kg chicken ham roll, 1 litre of uht milk and a large can of fruit salad at Aldi that will feed me and the Kookies for four days.

VB? I have an infected gum, and VB seems to help keep sepsis at bay. Toxic stuff that VB.


Hahaha, how shocking is this. Drunk duckhead climbs a pole at a party. (he doesn’t die)

Climb an electric pole at a block party from r/WinStupidPrizes

LINK in-case the fricking Reddit embed video doesn’t work.

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9 Thoughts to “My first beer in 2 years – I feel so ashamed and dirty”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I couldnt watch the video cos I am under age
    however I have booked owen campbell, his brother david and father jimmy barnes to play on wednesday february 30 with support from The CBDBs and the Rockxkx or whatever it is

    jimmy barnes demands payment so it will be $5 at the door

    1. That sounds like one of those David Dimmock ‘Box Smashers’ porkie pies. Apparently he got married a couple years ago to a Filipino, but is divorced already. He probably told her lies about Owen Campbell too. But you knew that already because he’s your mate. 🙂

  2. the former artist formally known as the bush

    hang on i have replied to the wrong post
    $6.99 for a tallie? sounds ok to me (you will get 3 for $18)
    VB tho I cant really get into these days – its more of a childrens beer….

    1. 3 for $10 at the Ashmore drive-thru 5 years ago. Old guy knew me so well he had three out before the ute wheels stopped rolling. It’s a fricken bad joke. Tax on it just went up again. Cigarettes through the roof too. When I was 10, Ashmore Plaza milk bar (where the computer shop is shop) sold me Black and White smokes for $3.50. Bloody inflation and Josh Frydenberg’s dirty usury lust.

  3. the former artist formally known as the bush

    haha really? even the filipino couldnt handle his bald head and lack of talent,,,
    ohh poor david dimmock – might see him and owen campbell at rompa room soon then…
    he is definitely your mate – you should go have a cuppa tea with him….
    he could use a friend like you right now….

  4. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I have thought about it – a good way for the bushy family to live on without the hassle of having to entertain a woman for the rest of my life – I still enjoy the single life….

    1. “hassle of having to entertain a woman”
      WTF? Ow lordie, closet virgin with high entertainer expectations detected.

  5. the former artist formally known as the bush

    whilst I love a woman,,,she shits me to tears
    pretty sure im less of a virgin than you…
    that doesnt even make sense….

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