Life In Australia: Brisbane 1966

Gee, 1966, I was still half sperm, half egg … well, a full sperm … doing laps looking for an egg to call my own. Or was I an egg waiting for a sperm to bite me on the ass?

Geez, how did we swimmers know we needed to find an egg? How did my egg side know I needed to be bitten? Maybe my egg side was raped? Were there afternoon egg finding and swimming classes back in the sack?

Anyways, trawling through my new favourite Youtube channel … the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) Youtube page for anything on the Gold Coast … aka ‘South Coast’.

Just a few short GC ones here.

Shit me dacks, Aussies had jobs making stuff back then…

Bit closer to home, a longer one about Brisbane.

Dad and his side are from Ipswich and Oxley, so I’m kinda partial.

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