Holden axes Commodore after 40 years – the company itself won’t be far behind

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A country with all the resources, skills and population that can’t even make it’s own cars is a dead country.

Holden has axed the legendary Commodore from production after 40 years because of slow sales.

The iconic Australian model was the best selling car in the country for 15 years from 1996 to 2010, with a peak of almost 95,000 sales in 1998.

But so far this year there have been just 5,417 sold. Daily Mail

But how did this happen?

Bob Hawke’s Labor government began dismantling tariff barriers in the 1980s, which was the beginning of the end for Australian car manufacturing. Daily Mail

Five years earlier, 1975, the so called Labor government, sent over an ass hole to Lima Peru to attend a UN meeting.

The gist of the meeting was about treason … de-industrialising first world nations like America, Australia … sending our tooling overseas to third world shit holes like India and then rice patty, China.

The below video (with one error) outlines the treason. Contrary to what is said Australia never signed the treason; but in hindsight, lowering import taxes on US$2 an hour slave goods shows both sides of the ‘so called government’ have gone along with this Lima Declaration treason.

Love or hate America’s Trump, but he’s doing the reverse of the 1975 The Lima Declaration. (and other BS that came after)

If China wants to pay people $2 an hour to make widgets, good, go for it. Love you long time.

But when they get the shits at our border because an import tax has been applied to make the playing field level, then they can go and get #ucked. Buzz word they use is “protectionism”.

Lucky for them, no Australian PM will stand up to the treason.

That’s exactly the reason the commies are pissed off at Trump.

Make Australia Great Again .. vote for …errr, forget it, they’re all #ucked.

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5 Thoughts to “Holden axes Commodore after 40 years – the company itself won’t be far behind”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    Its a sad day for Australia (you should have all been driving Fords anyway)
    Holden should have retired the name ‘commodore’ gracefully with the VF (the red 1 in the pic – last aussie built model)
    Should have called the ‘ZB’ a Regal (they are sold as Buick Regal in the US) and told us they are cool in america we might have bought more of them.
    I know a guy has a ZB (actually made by peugeot in germany) and he loves it – goes well good economy and all the bells and whistles…
    Australia wasnt ready for an actual european commodore (they always have been anyway) and we really want the option of a V8.
    The Regal has turbos in america but we werent even offered that…. why holden why ?
    Buy a mustang instead….

  2. It’s fricking bizarre, German made cars, made by people that supposedly get paid US$67.14 per hour .. plus the transport costs to Australia, yet we supposedly can’t match them here for some reason. https://www.forbes.com/sites/frederickallen/2011/12/21/germany-builds-twice-as-many-cars-as-the-u-s-while-paying-its-auto-workers-twice-as-much/#59bc76b26b78

  3. Chopper Fucking Reid

    Tell all the cockheads in Australia who prefer to buy fake 4x4s that are only front wheel drive anyway. That’s where all the car sales have gone. If more people had bought Falcons and Commodores there would be no problem. trouble is, half the people whinging about the death of the Falcon and the Commodore went and bought Asian shitbox fake 4x4s! SUVs my arse. Marketing to Aussie morons who think a high riding fake 4×4 is cool.
    Holden is dead, Ford not far off, the Mustang is a safety shitheap. Soon all we will be able to buy is Chinese recycled coke can shit boxes and Korean plastic cars.

    1. New drive-away prices, rego and fuel costs were primary drivers too. Imported 4cyl SUV’s etc were half the price, less redo and half the fuel costs of a new 8cyl Commodore or Falcon. If fuel was 73c today (source: Alan Jones) and fair import taxes (tariffs) were in place on foreign shit-boxes things would be different. The 2003 Iraq WMD invasion lies is the reason fuel is an extra dollar per litre at Ashmore right now. 80L 8cyl Caprice tanks vs 55L 4cyl Rav4 tank. What’s single soccer mum with three mouths to feed going to do? Having a moan about how shitty things have become, even though I never bought a new Commodore, and own a 1993 Mazda, is irrelevant. NOT whining about how things came about (Lima Declaration etc) is capitulation; rolling over, surrendering, taking it all up the ass like a good pleb. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5YgJx8VGRA

      1. the former artist formally known as the bush

        Hey Chopper didnt see you there…
        These big companies prefer to dictate to their market rather than listen to it
        Is always gonna be bad for business…
        Everyone should drive a Delica or an old Falcon
        Iv been driving mine for nearly 6 years and not opened the bonnet except to refill the washer bottle and change oil once a year what a car
        1995 Fairmont Ghia leather interior, electric everything incl sunroof, Tickford motor and LSD
        Paid a little too much for it at $250 but pretty good value really

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