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14 Thoughts to “What a relief: Colin Furze still has a, well two screws loose”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    wow what a strange fellow…
    the bill gates virus has wiped out the melbourne grand prix and I am out of toilet paper…
    The Rompa Room will go ahead tonight tho for a punk rock session…
    Loud Goes Bang will bring their middle aged punk rock… dad punk to the Rompa Room on Friday 13th March. Supported by Brissy punk rockers The Arturos, pub/punk-rock band UnKle UniT and surf punk trio Persons Unknown Band.

    I will be there a little late tonight as I am going social axe throwing beforehand
    (yes its a real thing)

    1. What a coincidence, Tom Hanks and his wife are going axe throwing and to the Rompa Room tonight too.

  2. the former artist formally known as the bush

    wow did they recover already? this stupid media frenzy virus is not very strong or dangerous is it?
    should add rompa room to the tags list for more viewers

  3. No they are still sick, but want to see the Rompa Room before it closes this week. I just found you the perfect wife that’ll help save you money. She won’t use your toilet paper either because she prefers to wash her vag with a water bottle.

  4. the former artist formally known as the bush

    what a great wife she would make – saving instead of spending all my money and heard earned toilet paper…
    Bad news for your upcoming tupperware party with the banning of mass gatherings planned for next week

  5. the former artist formally known as the bush

    what happened to the new post? I was just about to watch the potentially embarrassing video….

  6. the former artist formally known as the bush

    aha I went to a cow piss drinking party yesterday where were you?
    I was assured it would give me total immunity from all viruses – especially the latest and trendiest ones…
    tastes terrible tho and was still warm – freshness is essential for effectiveness the hindu said…
    I hope it works cos im off to lick some eftpos machines and public handrails…

  7. the former artist formally known as the bush

    My mates (Iranian and otherwise) highly recommend the axe throwing – probably before the gate licking…
    check out Lumber Punks…
    bookings limited to parties of less than 500 people
    fark its windy right now….

  8. Look at all those beards with Bill Gates virus stuck in ’em. And $45 to throw an axe at a wall … that you can only do with NO alcohol in your system? I have an acre and a half of trees and a wine’o ride-on cart that costs nothing. Leaf jumping looks like more fun.

  9. the former artist formally known as the bush

    ha leaf jumping does look like fun and probably less dangerous with a gut full of piss than axe throwing…
    Lumber Punks $45 includes personal instructions on how to hit the wall with the axe
    they do sell Coopers Ultra-Lights so you can pretend you are having a beer
    set up some targets in mummy and daddys back yard il come over with some throwing hatchets to play with…
    way more dangerous than playing with a rifle but equally as fun and no licence or police checks required….

    1. Paying some turd for instructions on how to throw an axe? Fucking hell. This other past-time would be more up your alley.

  10. the former artist formally known as the bush

    hahaah is that what the wuhans are up to in isolation?
    his arse seems tighter than yours…
    i wonder what other amazing tricks they will come up with
    seriously that is pretty good – is it real or special effects…?
    by the way the heavily bearded instructors are necessary in order to throw an axe consistently and accurately – its all about the technique…

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