Gold Coast turds trying for $100 per toilet roll. Covid-19 hates plain old cheap soap

I was in the Ashmore Drakes last Friday afternoon (four days ago) picking up a bag of Zooper Doopers, and noticed the shelves were stocked with everything.

Disposable gloves, toilet paper, sprays, everything. No issues what-so-ever, no long cues of weirdos breathing down my neck, or beating staff with sticks.

16/03/20 Gold Coast Gumtree listing

Today while locally scanning Gumtree for toilet paper panic, the above come up. What moron in their right mind would charge $100 a roll? What moron, instead of just taking a shower, would pay $100 a roll?

I can’t believe the hysteria is on the Gold Coast

Amazon is removing price gouging adverts, lets see if Gumtree will too.

There’s less than 6 adverts pushing this price gouging craze so far.

Two weeks ago we paid $30 for 5 litres of rubbing alcohol off eBay. The day after we paid, the advertised price went to $40, then the day after that to $50.

We still haven’t received delivery. The Melbourne ass-hole obviously shipped his stock out to those that LATER paid more.

Not to worry, turns out the Bill Gates virus hates soap after all. (I’ve been in forums poo-pooing it over rubbing alcohol)

New York Times diagram

According to the New York Times March 13, 2020, the Covid-19 virus has an oily outer “lipid” coating.

Soap destroys that outer oily lipid layer killing Covid-19

Geez, and we spent $30 on rubbing alcohol. Cheaper dish washing liquid and water in a spray bottle would probably be the trick on customer lawn mower and shopping trolley handles and little Jimmy after playing with his Chinese Uni students friends.

“I’m just big boned”

What would a bar of soap do to a fat man then?

Bloody BGFV-10130701 (Bill Gates funded virus)

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14 Thoughts to “Gold Coast turds trying for $100 per toilet roll. Covid-19 hates plain old cheap soap”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I hope he sells every roll at $100 each then he can wipe his bottom with $50 notes…

    1. Anyone that can afford to pay $45 to throw inanimate objects at a harmless wall … while sober … geez … should maybe consider having sex with a toilet roll, whoops wrong song … should maybe consider paying $100 for a bog roll to hang on the wall and throw Bunnings $5 machetes at it. No more Bunnings sausages now. (mine taste better at one fifth the price)

  2. the former artist formally known as the bush

    those walls with targets painted on them at the axe throwing range are not harmless, they are evil to the core and are likely to attack you if you dont attack them first…
    been tempted to buy a couple tomahawks and some fence pailings to set up my own $45 throwing range –
    5% discount and a free roll of poo tickets when you mention this website…
    disappointed at the loss of the bunnings sausages – not sure how the bill gates virus has anything to do with this if the shop is still open..
    more disappointed when I went to ashmore drakes supermarket today to find NO sausages (mystery meat or otherwise) were available to purchase
    got some nice looking pork chops tho will be delicious….

  3. the former artist formally known as the bush

    yer well I think I have said before that all social media should be banned –
    here is a perfect reason why….
    and what about the blonde chick licking the toilet seat ?…
    what a strange world I live in…..

    1. Ban all social media? I’m glad you’re a greasy spanner spinner and not someone in a position of power to burn books. Internet is a two edged sword. That fuck-wit made his bed when posting $100 a roll. He wanted to be trolled, HE made details available, and his wish granted. Have you considered a pork chop enema?

  4. the former artist formally known as the bush

    pork chop enema…? sounds delicious….
    and yes ban all social media – I hear this ‘double edged sword’ all the time but the advantage side of said sword seems to slip further and further from reality by the hour…
    I have 4 rolls of icare recycled double length 3 ply I have stockpiled – I wasnt going to sell (cos I need them for my bottom) but at $200 a roll includes local delivery I could have them fly out the door….
    I hope The Chats dont catch corona virus – the already have the clap…

  5. the former artist formally known as the bush

    this weeks rompa room spam will be delivered when we can confirm that it wont be banned like bluesfest has been….

    1. Twelve cent question … will the guy that runs that place open himself up to litigation so that tight assed, free entry, no vas, water drinking gerbils like you can keep going into his dark pit of decadence? Have you even spent a single dollar in there yet?

  6. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I guess it will be up to the establishment whether it goes ahead or not – come support local live music in this dark pit of immoral decadence and see how much joy it brings to 498 people….still legal at this stage….

    1. “Joy”? Joy is subjective. Devil (lord of the “hey satan” AD/DC religion) gets “joy” when gerbils are in jammed in his dark hole. Others that get no ‘joy’ from that gerbil religion, can also experience ‘joy’. For example, peeing on cane toads.

  7. the former artist formally known as the bush

    I enjoy peeing on cane toads and gekkos

  8. But do you do it with a gerbil jammed in your dark decadent Rompa Room?

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