Tuesday night, cheap wine, cheap guitar, pre-hang over groundhog day.

rodney and tommy

It’s 9:40pm Tuesday night again … not likin’ how the year has flown by.

Must be time for guitar practice. Kicking off with Aussie Tommy Emmanuel first. As a boy, he learnt by listening to guitar greats such as Chet Atkins and Les Paul. I’ve been trying his listening technique for 30 years … and I’m still having trouble doing it.

I’d do it during the day, but who does it during the day? Do you? It’s better at… night with the lights down low, nag champa and candles on.

Nah, you see I need a few jugs of cheap wine to get motivated now’a lonesome days – I can’t do that during the day because that would interfere with my all day hang over nanna-nap from the night before. (or some bad comedy like that) 🙂

Our Tommy overseas somewhere. As well as his music, his Aussie banter is goodly nice time, for Australia. Top Ambassador.

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