My belated Christmas Present: Prof. Robert Clancy and John Campbell

🇦🇺 I USED TO GET EXCITED seeing my favourite golfers and motor sports drivers on TV.
Now days I’m like a squealing teen groupie seeing Australia’s top SUPPRESSED Immunologist Professor Robert Clancy (after two years of only seeing criminals like Paul Kelly in the MSM pushing toxic crap that’s murdered 11 Aussies officially so far) getting face-time with my favourite UK Youtube “Dr” (emergency nurse) John Campbell, and his 2.14 million subscribers.

NOTE: They are on YouTube v2.0 Marxist era, where words have to be chosen carefully, or risk the whole video being banned.

Prof. Clancy goes on to say he backs a “Plan B” (20 minute mark) early prophylaxis like Ivermectin and HCQ.

I can feel another ‘super star’ break through coming on. MSM shunned mRNA inventor Robert Malone, couldn’t be ignored two weeks ago after being on the Joe Rogan (huge global ratings) podcast for 3 hrs.
Fingers crossed Prof. Clancy gets a break through too. I’d love to see him and big pharma puppet Morrison face off.

Highlights I can understand from 18 minutes on… (first 18 was pro stuff)

18.00 GMO-jabs are not the same as measles, mumps, rubella etc ‘vaccines’.

19.19 GMO-jab protection is shorter … the more they jab us with them.

20.00 Plan B (HINTING cheap drugs like Ivermectin and HCQ keep us out of hospitals in the first place)

32.00 Early drug treatment hint again.

34.00 Early treatment kit hinting. Example from Uttar Pradesh (India) with Ivermectin. 204 million people, less than 18 deaths a day.

40.00 mRNA GMO crap vs traditional vaccines.

43.15 Speed of “genetic vaccine” making: Old tech vs new. mRNA twice as slow to come out, meaning more people died!!! (murdered)

44.30 Prof. Clancy points out past 1960-70’s flu outbreaks more dangerous than Omicron.

46:15 Again, mRNA jabs twice as slow to make (causing more murders)

49.00 Prof. Clancy says the best vaxxs are the old method made ones.

50:40 John hints all the jabs, due to bad application, aren’t staying in the arm muscle, instead spreading about the body. (into females ovaries etc)

51:30 Toxic (my word) GMO-spike getting into breast milk.

54.00 mRNA GMO-jab dosage booster times too soon – Govt’s “panic reaction”

54:50 Hinting they can’t speak freely. (on marxist YouTube)

58:00 Hints mRNA tech has “distorted” … “delayed” … “our natural immunity” … that’s “better than the vaccines”.

59:30 Prof. Clancy: Omicron a “good thing” (mRNA Robert Malone said the same Dec 2020)

1:00:40 Prof. Clancy “If only we could have AVAILABLE EARLY save lives, and don’t get me started!” (coded message to the TGA killers that banned HCQ and Ivermectin)

1:01:00 Prof. Clancy hints the “early treatment” for shingles has been suppressed.

1:01:30 Prof. Clancy says where Covid-19 came from. (“same part of China”)

1:02:20 Both hinting “early treatment” (re: black plague) for worked; with both pausing, knowing the same would have saved millions of China-flu victims today.

1:03:00 Winding down: UK John, usually the teacher, was smitten to have learnt from, and spent time with Australian suppressed Prof. Robert Clancy.

You can see the love for each other (“you do have comments, do you? Hahaha”-Clancy) yet the sadness for the self-censorship in their eyes was self evident too.

A lot of other medical jargon went over my head I don’t yet understand, so hear these two great teachers out for yourself too.

Back-up mirror on Bitchute

Here’s my hero Prof. Clancy, July 2020, uncensored talking about Ivermectin…


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