When ‘smart’ Australian school boys could own guns and Hoges got away with being Aussie.

Paul Hogan Show 1990's
Paul Hogan Show 1990's
Before the game “Spot an Aussie” was invented: Paul Hogan Show 1990’s

This stood out while watching Paul Hogan re-runs tonight … geezz a 1990’s stage full of Euro-Australian children.

Hoges would get slammed with a barrage of slurs if he tried the same today. But then again, Traditionals have their own race based TV show “Living Black”, and own race based channel NITV … which is supposedly OK. Those Jedi mind tricks.

Level playing field TV show coming soon … drum roll … ‘Living White’? No of course not, that would be *ucking racist. But the below supposedly isn’t…

OECD recently released a report claiming immigrant kids are smarter than our Traditional and Euro-Australian children.

Geez, we’ve come a long way from unlocked doors, Aussie non-pc banter and smart responsible Smiley and his gun.  (video used with permission)


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