Tate’s delusion: His twisted delusions on us all

tate's delusion

I remember voting for a local Mayor that pre-election promised he’d sack the non-elected CEO (ex-Victorian “demon” AFL player) of the CORPORATION trading under the CORPORATE name “GOLD COAST CITY COUNCIL

Seems like a life time ago, yet the same Mayor Tate is still in … as is the same CEO Dickson.

While free-loading in the kitchen (shed was out of coffee and Jesus Juice) last night, Mum read a headline off the net about Tate wanting to bury folks in the Broadwater. WTF? I had to look that up (ABC link)

Supposedly there’s not enough dry Gold Coast land to bury folks (bloody migrating Victorians) … so Tate wants to give us the option to bury ourselves into the Broadwater seabed.

Lack of room, really? The trojan he’s pushing is cremation ashes, not clumsy bones and heavy coffins.

Tate could have fitted out the old Southport Hospital with 100,000+ self service locker vaults where folks could self-store Nanna’s ashes.

chicken handbag
The memorial bag I use when taking Henny Penny’s ashes out on day trips.

From time to time, the family could go grab Nanna from out of her locker vault and take her for a day trip.

Why would anyone bother anyway? Just leave her atop the TV or throw her into the wind from the Q1.

The idea of dry land memorials is drum roll so dry people on dry land can go visit their dried out relatives.

Who the hell is going to go scuba diving just to visit Nanna? No one, that’s who! Might as well sprinkle her on the veggie garden. What a dead set foreign born wanker, Thomas Tate is.

While I’m still dry … he’s also wanting to sink $5 million of rate payers dosh on a custom made under water pyramid for bored tourist divers.

If I was a diver, I’d find Tate’s under water memorial park more interesting. Be a mess after the sand dredger goes through each year.

He missed out on two ex-navy boats to sink for the same dive site idea … so now a *ucking pyramid? His Southport Freemasonic mates would be pleased with that. They love illuminati all seeing eye pyramids. (google images)

Delusional Tate making new Aussies swear an oath to delusions.

Tate’s delusions… (the short list)

  • GREEN: That image is a delusion. High court ruled QEII … “a foreign power” in Sue VS Hill. Why make new Australians swear an oath to a foreigner? That’s delusional. Might as well make them swear an oath to Tate’s comrade, dictator Xi,
  • PINK: “Local Government” is a delusion … three (3) past S128 Constitutional referendums to include a third tier (federal, state, local) of government in the Constitution have been had (at great cost), yet we the people said NO all three (3) times. What is it called when you advance on a woman three times even after she said “no”? “Local Government” is delusional. Third tier can only happen with our permission, not delusional ACTS. (which are not LAW) It’s a crime to impersonate a Government official or body. 2 years jail for those that do.
  • RED: Dictator Jinping’s communist loyalists are changing our skyline with Tate’s full blessing. Tate recently joked in a cocky video (I watched today can’t find the link atm) how he convinced the commies to go from 80 to 88 floors high on the former Iluka site. Wow, all that extra cold shade from those red shadows.
  • BLUE: Australian Coat of Arms delusion. Until we the people S128 vote out the British Constitutional Coat of  Arms (Unicorn and Lion) … until then, what is on display is a delusion.
  • YELLOW: A yellow coward that didn’t follow through on his pre-election promises to sack an un-accountable, un-elected CEO that gets paid more than the President of the United States or America.

Silly thing is, the High Court was delusional in SUE VS HILL  … as we’ve never had the same S128 referendum to boot the Queen out of Australia. (aka Republic) Yet they all get up in front of the media with those big fat delusional grins on their stupid *ucking faces thinking we either don’t know, or don’t care. If we break the LAW, all hells breaks loose.

Before ass clown Gillard left, she wanted a S128 Referendum (not cheap to do) on “local government”. (third tier)

Why? If Tate and the “local government” GCCC is legal via ACTS (which are not LAW) … then why bother? She knows about the delusion, and the reality of two years (2) years jail for impostors.

Aussie car importer exposes two (2) Australias. The legit Constitutional Commonwealth of Australia, and a fake CORPORATE version with American shareholders.

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