The Great Australian Fuel Heist continues in 2020

There’s nothing new going on in the Middle East the last two weeks to cause a petrol spike; and it’s midweek and there’s no special holidays.

Yesterday I was looking at the online Petrol Spy site and seen bizarre fuel prices spring up like poisonous fungi.

It takes a lot to get me off the couch – but the looming $1.74 per litre did it!

12/02/20 fleecing sheeple Beerwah northward

Fark, into the Bubblemobile last night and raced down to the Ashmore Road Mobile to fill up at 1.24 (my regular Freedom at Ashmore was 1.25)

12/02/20 fleecing sheeple Billinga Southward

ULP 91 from $1.22 (Pacific Pines 711) to $1.74 per litre.

52+ cents difference? Bloody Norah!


rodney brisbane anti war march 2003

March 2003, 55 cents per litre when I marched in Brisbane against the Iraq invasion … that started the price hikes.


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