Just bought a gun to quell the Asian invasion!!!

Those Asian flicking house geckos are driving me bonkers…

12am, 1am, 2am, 3am, you name it, am and pm!!!

If they aren’t rooting each other in front of me, then they’re keeping me awake at night.

WAR has been declared! I need to quell this Asian invasion…

The Asian house gecko is not a prohibited or restricted invasive animal under the Biosecurity Act 2014. However, by law, everyone has a general biosecurity obligation (GBO) to take reasonable and practical steps to minimise the risks associated with invasive plants and animals under their control. Govt link

How do I get rid of these little slit eyed buggers?

Nah, tried all that! What now?

6 months of serious research on ‘close quarter’ legal ideas kept leading to two things … cruel sticky glue paper … or a toy gun!

Weapon of choice: Nerf Disruptor

A fricking what, gun?

Many more hours of research went into my final weapon of choice. It had to…

  • be cheap
  • hold at least 6 rounds (saves getting up off the couch so often)
  • have spare bullets
  • easy to use with one hand while pissed, half asleep and in close quarters
  • be some what accurate 1.5 to 4 meters
  • rapid fire

‘Computer One’ came back with the results: “Nerf Disruptor”

Geez, a kids toy?

Ow well, I need sleep – so today I whipped out $15 (2 months aldi rice, soy sauce and frozen veg mix) and got one … and some spare “bullets” (hahaha) from K-Fart, Southport.

Locked and loaded ready after an afternoon of kiddies toy practice.

Awful sights on these $15 things.

Regardless, getting a constant 1 inch group at 2 meters.

It’s just a matter of time now before the buggers come back out. (they’ve gone all quite since my first practice round)

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