Freedom ‘sacrifices’, charred Chats, fuel below dollar, racist Maccas, sue China

Maybe this, maybe that Daily Mail

INGSOC Oceania leader Morrison is ‘supposedly’ kicking around the idea that all Australians will have to install a phone ‘tracking app’ to keep us ‘safe’.

The software application from Singapore, only has 20% of their population using it.

Turns out the AFP were up to no good with sneaky AI face detection shit to spy on us with back in 2019 (before the CCP-Virus outbreak)

So if this app is forced onto us all, what’s to stop people just leaving their phones at home – or simply not owning one? A “failed to carry phone” fines?

For years I’ve been calling them PLD’s (Personnel Locating Devices)

Luddites and Amish don’t own phones, then what? Compulsory PLD ownerships?

May I seen you papers phone PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

That won’t work either. Billy Gates wet dream QUANTUM DOT TATTOOS will be rolled out. You can’t forget or leave your under skin ID tattoo at home.

We seem to have all this BS under control in Australia now. Trouble is other countries don’t, and won’t for a long time. It could all kick off again once the boats and planes (those that haven’t gone broke) start coming in again. 4 people from ‘unlocked’ Wuhan have got it again, and 40+ more in South Korea, Israel etc. Getting it once doesn’t mean you’re immune for life.


Wow, the 5lt bottle of isopropyl alcohol we got online 2 months ago really is ‘alcohol’. Due to the rip off price increase of the isopropyl, I had to finish the job off with some stale ULP. Those pirate CD’s left in my poor letterbox take some burning.

Fuel Spy website

No waiting at Freedom Ashmore today. Been a few weeks coming for the others to follow the Nerang independent that’s been below a dollar for a month. All fuel stations on the GC are under 1 dollar now.
$30 filled the Bubble and my 5lt mower fuel can today.

First time I’ve had a full Bubble in years. All that cheaper fuel in my tank, to drive around locally. Geez, it’ll go stale before I do 400km going to bottle shop and back.




Double standards. Only China is allowed to be racist.

Bloody ‘Daily Mail’ like to make all Australians feel guilty for a few dick-heads giving the Chicoms in Australia a hard time.

Turns out McDonald’s in China have banned black Africans. That’s human nature for ya, but dip-shit sites like the DM go on and on as if nature will change one day, if they keep hammering on long enough.

Ass wipes are also calling Wagga Wagga “racist” because they no longer want to be a sister city with some grubby province in China any-more due to them still keeping wet-markets open. (the BS came from the bio-lab, but anyway)

Speaking of junk food joints, I cant believe the old P.O.S $2.79 billionaire that owns ‘Hungry Jacks’... 1. doesn’t own the land his stores are on. 2. Isn’t going to pay rent for 3 months while the drive-trus are still open and making him money. What an old P.O.S.


China should be sued for $6.5 trillion for coronavirus damages says top UK think tank -SMH

Our so called INGSOC Oceania government can’t even keep our soldiers in-line as they all party on together.

We’ll be told the GST ‘must go up’ to cover the trillion dollar debt (Barbary Joyce prediction) incurred during Covid-19, before they dare pick up the phone and ask USA (Obama funded the Wuhan lab with $3.7 million ten years ago to study bats) and China for repatriations.

They fuck up, and we go into debt slavery. No other work place in Australia operates like that; but our INGSOC Oceania branch does / will.

related: ‘The CDC is actually a vaccine company’ – Robert F. Kennedy Jr

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12 Thoughts to “Freedom ‘sacrifices’, charred Chats, fuel below dollar, racist Maccas, sue China”

  1. the formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    some clever video editing there –
    glad you kept the actual CD and burned a copy of Elton John instead for your youtube “likes”

    1. Get off the drugs. Video is unlisted and the pirate Chats are charred.

  2. the formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    thats a shame, I will get another copy over to you soon…

    Please sign up for the phone tracking app –
    then we can all get back to normal and I can start going to the Rompa Room again

  3. An app won’t stop you from getting sick while swapping spit with children at the romper room. Govt already monitor us from the telco end, as we all had to give our real ID’s when getting a SIM card. The ‘app’ is a ‘consent app’ to make them feel good about tracking us with our permission. Apple and Google have said “no need to download” as it’ll be a ‘system app’ that updates with the phones regular updates. Unless your phone is ‘rooted’ (gives you admin rights) we probably won’t be able to uninstall it or turn GPS and Bluetooth off. Become a Luddite, it’s more fun, and keep your grimy Chat germs to yourself.

  4. the formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    This is why they want 5G – I wonder if they just tracked me…
    Had to cash in my empty beer cans as you didnt want them…
    I accidentally went at a good time – no line-up – straight in and out with ease
    I have saved for a while, and with your 73 I was able to take away a whopping $47.30!
    Now I can go get some more australian music CDs and make copies for your covid-box…

    Remember Hockey Dad?

  5. Hockey what? I’m immature, but not that immature. You have me mistaken for someone that blows $45 to throw an axe at a wall. ‘Mad As Hell’ last night, 13 minute mark was actually worth watching today. Money out of thin air, govt bonds being worth shit, kinda explained … they forgot to mention ‘usury’ though. (two Chats on the moon, one apple loaned to Chat 2 at 10% interest. How does Chat 2 pay that back when there’s only one apple on the moon? Chat 2 sucking Chat 1 off doesn’t count) Clark and Dawe did the same a few years ago They were funny sometimes too.

  6. Evis Makon

    This is an open invitation for you to become part of the world’s biggest conglomerate and reach the peak of your career. As we begin this year’s recruitment programme and our annual feast of harvest is almost at hand. Join the Illuminati brotherhood and be rich and famous. Do you agree to be a member of this Illuminati new world order? Add up the grand master on via WhatsApp:

  7. I’m already a member. I have naked Adam Weishaupt portraits all over the place and a King Solomon alter to burn budgie seed on for the GAOTU. (who’s mates with Tom Cruise’s god XENU)

  8. The formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    Does Evis need a copy of The Chats?

  9. Illuminati means ‘enlighted ones’. Chats means ‘primate monkeys’. I’d invite you to become an Illuminmonkey member, but your taste in music wouldn’t go down well at our ‘cremation of care’ ceremonies.

  10. The formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    The Chats are very enlightening….
    I bet they have performed under those King Solomon stage lights too….

    1. star of solomon
      100% Illumimonkeys at the Romper Room.

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