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8 Thoughts to “Former NYC Mayor Giuliani & Dr Zelenko: $25 Covid-19 treatment cures 600+”

  1. the formerly bushy former artist formerly known Brian Dennehy

    In todays famous dead people news… R.I.P. Brian Dennehy aged 81
    Best known (to me anyway) as Sheriff Will Teasle – the grumpy cop from Rambo: First Blood

  2. The formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    Mooli ? someone is taking the piss there arent they??
    Or are the Indians not very creative with animal names…?

    Did they already eat Woofli the dog and meowli the cat…?
    Would have made delicious curry…..

    I didnt know they raced bulls in India….

    1. I’m missing the Illuminati guy from Nigeria already. Look bushinati, with your taxes, the ATO went to all the trouble to make squat toilets in Australia to appease our much needed Indian brothers (apparently the Australian schooling system doesn’t produce good counters) issuing Australian tax audits. Sure they openly shit on the beach in Bombay-Mumbai and drink cow piss but that’s the new third world norm coming here soon. Stop being a nasty racist bushinati. We drink their milk, you should drink their piss too!

  3. the formerly bushy artist formerly known as the bush

    No there is not racism here – id love to try indian cow piss….
    I have lots of Indian customers (the curry kind – not the feathers)
    Lots of chinese customers too – all of whom have had their lives turned upside down – like the rest of us – as a result of the Commy Govt actions leading to worldwide pandemic…most likely funded by bill gates and his mate zuckerbergen…
    My income is down about 25% as my international customers have either gone home or were not allowed to come back after end of year trips to their homes…
    On the plus side this means I can access the small amount of superannuation I have so I can spend it all on The Chats CDs and give copies to the less fortunate australians who cant afford to buy their own

    Malcolm Roberts (not malcolm turnbull – what a grub releasing his sook book about his team at a time like this) was good on TV tonight…. very informative…

  4. Yes, you tap into your own future savings to pay for something today you didn’t do. Xi Jinping is sending out pre-written compliments to global leaders, asking them to praise him. Print a large copy and hang it on the front of your work shop to show your chicom customers that you care.

  5. the formerly bushy former artist formerly known as the bush

    get into Drakes quick for a 5kg bag of washed AUSTRALIAN spuds for $6.50

    1. Lord Morrison won’t let me out until I install his app on my Voxson in-car brick phone.

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