Betoota Bullshit: 530,000+ Aussie’s love being duped with fake news

betoota bullshit

“News the way you’d like it”

Truthful? Yes please.

I’m a bloke with a pretty good sense of humour, and love parody websites … but this Betoota Advocate bullshit I came across today is *ucking awful.

Three clowns thought it would be funny creating a legit looking “news” website, but filling it with spoof stories. I’m down with that. Many years ago (circa 2002) I used to write fake crap at

After 10 minutes on the Betoota site today, I started dozing off. No giggles…not even a pity chuckle. Some woman ‘Daisy Doctor’ claiming to be a legit journalist on her Linkedin and website, even played along with a fake interview.

Adults playing pretend. I did that in pre-school.

Yeah just another site, click, gone, forgotten … but then my eyes almost popped out when I seen they have 530,000+ followers on FaceBook. Holey holy underpants, so many zombies enjoying fake news (I’d call it satire, but I couldn’t find anything funny) make-believe.

What a waste of time and talent. In their ‘about us’ bio…

We will continue to report real and apolitical news and will never allow our organisation to be hijacked by any of the family news dynasties. Packer, Fairfax or Murdoch”.

Yeah, take your pick – bullshit from their site, or the bullshit from the MSN sites. It all smells the same.

fake vagina
Who Is America: Cops find a fake vagina

To be fair, last night I almost died of laughter while watching “Who Is America”

Episode 3, Jew Sacha Cohen (aka Arab Borat) set-up American pro-gun owners (I’m pro-self defence) in a cruel prank. Long story short, the pranked guys … one of them made to wear a dress and fake vagina … had to face the cops.

No way the Betoota boofheads were going to compete with that funny shit today. I’ll bookmark them and go back in a month to see if anything funny turns up.

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