Courier Mail, like CNN FOX, are fake news!

Courier Mail Matty first sent me an email in response to my comment on the school shut down story.

google search
Google news search: Monday 1am August 6th 2018

Two days later, and no Middle Park School flu updates from our supposed trusted MSN Courier Mail news outlet.

How do the parents know if the school is open on Monday? Someone answering the school phones over the weekend?

Oi Matty, 3,000+ Architects … including our Sydney Opera House guy,  and structural engineers agree with me when I say, you’re nothing but NWO gate keeping whores.

Go on Matty … go prove physics wrong and report that on daddy Murdoch’s NWO rag … for where you take your thirty pieces of silver.

By the way NWO MSM Matty, it was dust inhalation, NOT gas.

Hidden in plain view: “News Limited”, by their actions, ‘Limited News’.


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