Another of my predications comes true (because it’s all so #ucking obvious to the red pilled)

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Sadly my prediction 6 days ago that those N95 face-masks would become a fashion statement … have come true. More on the DM

Might as well re-set the clock on that family

31/01/20 Daily Mail post shows a Chinese boy coming off a plane … supposedly in Queensland.

So what?

When boarding, he/ they may not have had the Billgatesvirus, (BGV) but the BGV may have been circulating in the plane and caught in the front of that mask he’s touching.

DM posted a Chinese doctor yesterday showing the correct way to take those masks off. HERE

That kid should be in quarantine for at least an extra 2 weeks.

But it looks like he’ll be back in a Queensland school next week. Russian Roulette was so yesteryear … 2020 … Chinese Roulette

Guy in a nice Benz SUV picked up his rusty old well loved Victa mower today¬† (rare day I did some work). As we parted I told him I was sorry, but I couldn’t shake his hand because I had no idea where he’d been before hand.

Knee jerk reaction?

Maybe, I’m cheap, they come back – but at the same time no one is quarantining that kid.

The PM lost his father nine days ago and buried him today – so don’t count on leadership (that’s under the thumb of a foreign commie dictator) having clear thoughts for awhile.

Only person that’s going to protect you, is you.


Leave the beer brand alone – Billgatesvirus

My post on Alan Jones Facebook today.

His 30/01/20 audio podcast is worth hearing.


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6 Thoughts to “Another of my predications comes true (because it’s all so #ucking obvious to the red pilled)”

  1. the former artist formally known as the bush

    Fun Fact:

    The face mask is designed to protect other people from the germs the wearer of the mask may have – the face mask does not protect the wearer from airborne germs.
    eg: The surgeon wears a face mask to prevent his germs entering the open wound of his patient.
    No one at the Rompa room tonight was wearing a face mask – nor was anyone wearing a chinese face and I suspect I did not contract corona virus – I may however have contracted a bundy rum virus ($5 basics) with symptoms including (but not limited to) headache, dehydration and general feeling of ill in the morning

    1. True. But it’s a 12 hour flight, trapped in a plane from China to Brisbane. I’d not trust anyone to wear a mask all that time … for others protection. They should have all been made to stay in the one area until clear after two weeks. I predict the Rompa room won’t be open 4 weeks from now. I’d stock up on rumvirus, cups-of-tea, non-perishable foods like rice, virucidals cleaners, etc. The fuckheads want this to spread. Gates, a fucking computer NERD not a doctor, is on Netflix now bragging he predicted this. While at the same time he’s the daemon that wants 15% less humans on earth and funded an organisation with the patent on that virus. People in the ‘best rated’ comments are getting it.

    1. Trying to find cleaners that will kill this shit. What a nightmare. I though bleach and the like would work, no nope.

  2. the former artist formally known as the bush

    The simplest method of killing this is also the most effective…

    When you see a corona virus just squash it like a toilet bug
    the humble thong is a good defence weapon….

    1. I’ve seen your thongs. It’s your Canadian socks you wear with them that’ll kill from 80 yards away. Check these fucks out. Who in their sane mind wants to rub shoulders with these piles of garbage that’ll walk past a bleeding baby. (she later died)

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