How to Gamble $40 and beat any Casino, Guaranteed

Being the broke guy I am, I shudder when I find out I need to spend money on anything that’s not food or drink.

My dammed car battery dropped it’s guts last week. New cheap assed pissy ones at Supercrap Auto (SCA) start at $117. Last time I checked their site a few years back, they had new ones for $50 and 6 month warranties.

No way was I paying $117+ just for a battery. The whole car only cost me $250. (1993 model worth $16,000 new)

  • Plan A, nick a battery off someone I don’t like … aarhh but alas, I don’t dislike anyone that much.
  • Plan B, buy a good second hand battery.
  • Plan C, push and roll start the car.
  • Plan D, get a job and buy a whole new car with a new battery in it. Warning Will Robinson!!!!!!!!
12v 100 amp car truck battery load tester
12v – 6v 100 amp car truck battery load tester to 1000CCA

Back to Plan B … a year ago I bought one of those battery load testers (left) off eBay for about $24 bucks.

Get one here!!! (click click)

There’s a local recycling guy, George, at 50 Harper Street that buys old batteries. I sold him five old ones (used in a solar system) a few weeks ago. After mentioning my car battery was on it’s last amps, (it would go flat after 3 days of not driving) he told me he sells good second hand ones as well.

What has all this got to do with beating the casino? It has to do with taking $40 and betting… Continue reading “How to Gamble $40 and beat any Casino, Guaranteed”

War is (still) a (immature) racket

Why do we still war?
Tax payers have to be mature and law abiding, unlike Governments.

Courier Mail ran a story today about Russian submarines in our Pacific region. Personally I have no issue with Russia … It’s the drills they run with commie China that grabs my attention. Then again, Russia hates NATO building themselves up around Russia … yet here they are basing  subs (and whatever else) in our Pacific region.

Usually folks in the heavily moderated Couriermail comment section (unlike the free flowing comments section) waffle on about how one side will beat the other … and or go on about the wasted billions of tax payers money.

Me? I just wonder why after 2.8  million years we humans still need to kill each other over dirt and who’s cloud fairy’s / dictators … are best.

If we could figure that out, then the tit-4-tat, and wasted tax payers money issues … wouldn’t be an issue.

Weird isn’t it. Tax payers that fund the subs, bombs and bullets, have to be evolved, mature and law abiding. While those that collect the taxes and pull the triggers … are still backward, non-law abiding and immature.

A little mentioned US General called USMC General Darlington Smedley Butler (whom had command of half a million troops) woke up to war, and wrote a small few page booklet about it called “War Is A Racket”. (Free PDF version)

Review: Love Island (not in) Australia


Love Island Australia Justin 46,XY?
Love Island (not in) Australia Justin, 46,XY?

Bored stupid last week, I caved in and downloaded the pilot episode of “Idiocracy(movie) meets “Big Brother” (TV programing for morons that like strangers watching them shit)

Nah, they call the Channel 9 program, “Love Island Australia”

Turns out the Island is in Spain, but anyway … 10 minutes in and it was *ucking awful .. cringe level 10/10 … but but but, but then a pommie voice over guy that also knew the “reality show” was shit, started running my style of banter over top of that fatal plane crash footage.

Eight episodes later (embarrassed Aussie face) I was kinda hooked. Two days have passed and the WatchSeries RSS feed (no ad’s for tampons) wasn’t showing newer episodes .. I needed my fix of bubble headed bimbos … so I went to the source of the fake-up, ego pissing, silicon chested evil .. the channel 9 website itself to see if I had missed anything.

There they were … two new episodes, Ep09 and Ep10 … but I’d first have to login into the channel 9 website.

3 genders at channel 9
Male, Female, Other? Other what? World of Nine?

Apparently sometime in the past … while very drunk, I joined that evil site (they turd on physics) … so straight into it I thought … but on this login occasion they wanted a profile update.

Confused in this day and age of political crapness, I tried to skip the gender question … that’s my right after all …  but they wouldn’t let me login and listen to the funny pommie until I caved in.

So I hacked their website (password: james1967 user: mariah2hot4me) and temporally changed  the login page…

Chromosomally Correct Channel 9 - XY, XX, 46,XY, 46,XX
Chromosomally Correct Channel 9 – XY, XX, 46,XY, 46,XX

According to my chromosomes (something that can’t be cut off, cut out, tucked up, tucked under or added to) under a microscope, I’m an ‘XY’ (aka male with all the internal and external male parts … in various proportions)

I can’t stand Fords, (they made the XY) but in this case, who am I to argue with the way Henry built me .. so sadly I clicked XY. (deep down I’m a 77,HZ Holden)

Enough about me – If I was an 46,XY or 46,XX, I’d be offended that channel Nine lumped both of those naturally created genders under one lazy “Other” option.  Can you imagine the riot if they lumped XY’s and XX’s under the one ‘Other” label? Ow the shame.

About me again – So after watching … err .. suffering though eight episodes of Love Island (not in) Australia, I’m wondering which login check box that Justin guy (see first image) would click. I’ve never heard a supposed XY guy go on and on (at other XY guys) about how “beautiful” he is.

Gee, I wish there was the 77, HZ option. I’d book myself in for XY removal surgery.

Ow the Love Island (not in) Australia review … 25 year old’s acting like 15 years old’s, waxing their male butt cracks on camera isn’t my thing. But I highly recommend the funny pommie guy.

Seriously, the bird called Cassidy has her pretty head screwed on right … as does the guy Josh that would make a good morning show host and XY partner for XX Cassidy.

If host Sophie Monk let those brunette roots grow out and lost the fake-up, I’d be a player. (she’s from the Gold Coast as well)

What is this 46,XY and 46,XX stuff? Wikipedia

Crap!! Gotta Pay to Poo on the “Poo Jogger”

poo jogger
Poo Jogger for … subscribers only … how shitty!!!

Takes a lot for the fake news to make me laugh now days, but this did it today.

I’m a free member at the Courier Mail website, and get news updates via email. They keep nagging me to pay for a full subscription to see the whole site, but for years I’ve not bothered as usually the same news is found elsewhere for free …  and with less lies.

Then this came through today … the poo jogger. I wanted so much to go into that page and hang poo on that ass clown, but my free membership won’t let me go in and publicly humiliate him in the comments section.

Maybe I’ll pay for that subscription after all? Nah, flush that thought. #sadness #cantcraponthepoojogger

Original link for those that pay that crappy news outlet.

Mothers Day 2018

Suck that gut in!

Mother’s Day is always a good excuse for the children to take over and go pose next to stupid looking 2018 Commonwealth Games icons at Broadbeach, Gold Coast.

I had to look up Paula Stafford when I got home. She apparently brought bikinis to Australia. 🙂

Dinner time with my Australian Kookaburra mates


An afternoon in Australia isn’t complete (for me anyways) without my three mates turning up for a feed of #aldi mystery meat devon roll.

The one in the middle is the parent (mother I think) and the other two, the youngin’s … they are about 2 years old.

The parent is very tame – he / she will come inside the CB shack and sit on the bench taking scarps from my hand while I cut the meat up … the other two are still learning about us featherless dinner servants. 🙂

Rare ‘Married With Children’ Living Room Camera Angle

Bundy's living room

I rarely turn the TV on due to all the NU (naturally uncorrect) propaganda garbage that seems to be saturating every local DTV station now days.

Instead, I’ve been re-watching old shows like Married with Children, The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, The King of Queens, Mr Bean, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Dukes of Hazard, The Black Adder, Green Acres, Hogan’s Heros, Skippy, A Country Practice, Paul Hogan and so forth.

Watching 259 episodes, 11 years of Married With Children in four weeks was a marathon. In all those  episodes, one camera angle stood out the most … that being what the family was looking at while in the living room and sitting on the famous couch.

Yes they were looking at the TV, but what was behind it? Yes we assumed a wall, but it was only ever shown once. Yes this was an indoor stage prop, hahaha, but the point was, in all those 259 episodes over 11 years, this camera angle was only ever shot once.

Errr, and I forgot to write down which episode, in the last few sessions this was in. (been 6 months since the above screen shot)

99.9% sure MWT never took us into Kelly Bundy’s (Christina Applegate) bedroom either. ( 🙁 ) Might have been once, but I would have been too busy checking out her assets too notice.

Guess I’ll have to watch them all again. Either that, or go turn the TV back on and be brainwashed into believing men with no wombs can be womb-men. (women) … or being told smoke and dust inhalation was “a gas attack in Syria”.

Nah, I’ll leave that box off and move onto The King of Queens nine season collection next. Mmmm, Leah Remini, natural woman.

Tongue Bath Time

I get a chuckle from Canadian Prank channel ‘Just For Laughs’ (JFL) now and then. It’s a good place to study human reactions in unheard of situations … such as a stranger licking ice cream off someone else’s child’s face.

The offending stranger is probably the boys real mother. Glad they didn’t use the boys real father instead. Odd isn’t it … if it’s the boys real mother folks go along with it, but if it was the boys real father … cringe and CPS time … and rightly so. Just wipe the child’s face on the lawn … that’ll stop little Billy making another mess.

The reactions from those being pranked seem rather timid. If this was in Australia, that ‘stranger’ would have been beaten off with a barrage of brollies.

‘Woof woof’, another JFL favorite. (video)

The Legacy – Little Site on the Internet

the legacy charles ingalls

While watching an old 1982 episode of Little House on the Prairie in 2018, it struck me that an important part of human existence is to make a mark, be remembered, leave a legacy. Otherwise, what’s the point? Born, breed, die? Cockroaches and bugs can do that.

Is legacy egoistical thinking? I suppose it depends on what legacy is left. The likes of Stalin left legacies that will be remembered for a long time, but none that I admire.

A Little House season 8 episode titled, ‘The Legacy’ opening scene begins in 1982 (I though I was watching the wrong show for a few minutes) at an auction house where a 1882 hand made table with the makers mark, C.I (Charles Ingalls..the father in the TV show and book) was sold.

Ingalls is long gone, but items made with his own hands continue on. I’m not sure if the episode was fictional, (most are) but the theme struck a major chord.

Those that know me, know I’m 49, no wife, no children, no legacy. At my age I’d be nuts to even think about having offspring … even if I found a woman that would put up with me.

It’s sobering knowing antique furniture, and the makers marks on them, will (so far) leave more of a legacy in this world than I. They’ll remember a chair, a chandelier, and a smelly outhouse … but not me.

I’m not much of a wood worker, otherwise I’d try making a few wooden tables for a world that already has plenty.

I relies it’s pompous having my own domain name … but at the time (2017) namecheap were having a $1 domain sale, so I searched … and it was available.

Here’s hoping I’m better with a little site on the internet, than I’d be with a hammer and chisel in a prairie.