Here’s why no one goes surfing in India – try getting in the water without standing on land mines

Bloody Indian ‘webmaster’ email spammer, spamming again today even after sending him video links yesterday of his mates drinking cow urine. I needed something new to send, and the gods of Youtube provided … I still can’t stop laughing after an hour reading the Youtube commnets … why the frick don’t they wade into the water and at least

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Crap!! Gotta Pay to Poo on the “Poo Jogger”

poo jogger

Takes a lot for the fake news to make me laugh now days, but this did it today. I’m a free member at the Courier Mail website, and get news updates via email. They keep nagging me to pay for a full subscription to see the whole site, but for years I’ve not bothered as usually the same news is found elsewhere for free …  and with less lies. Then this came through today … the poo jogger. I wanted so much to go into that page and hang poo…

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