QLD the failed State: State of health horrific for humans while Zoo given $8M for dinosaurs

15/04/19 one need below the other: The irony

Woke this morning to read $8 million of Queensland tax payer’s dollars are going to an under-run Zoo, while Queensland hospitals are over-run with 500+ Queensland tax payers that need medical care.

Welcome to the TwitLight State.

I like the Irwin’s, I watched both Irwin children grow up on TV, but come on, if a business isn’t profitable, then go the way of the dinosaur .. err Holden.

On second thoughts, the Holden shut down could have been prevented if our so called pro-commie Government increased import taxes on $2 an hour slave made vehicles from commie China, etc.

Yeah globally, the Irwin’s and their dinosaurs (crocs) put Australia on the tourist map … and so do alligators … for FREE without promotion in Florida … but come on, really? Lizards before humans?

Ow well, this is just another reason why I deliberately stay broke under the tax threshold each year – why should I pay taxes towards crocodiles that can survive on their own (in the wild)?

Too bad the Iriwn’s can’t survive without their energetic father Steve, that was the energy that kept that business running like a well oiled croc.

(croc, clock, get it 🙂 )

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