Christian “tax exempt” radio station now promoting ‘Halloween’


[email sent 16/10/19 9.30pm]
Hello again, ice cold Bolsheviks!

I had to clean my ears out today after hearing you; a supposed Christian “tax exempt” radio station … promoting ‘Halloween’!!

Would Jesus celebrate Halloween too? A time when days are getting shorter-darker, while in Australia in October 2019, days are getting longer-lighter?

Do you fricking red idiots even know up from down? (come up as 3rd link on Google so it must be OK)

Do you “religious tax exempt” fake Christians, that sit there playing red commie John Lenin’s propaganda, “Imagine there’s no religion”… have collective mental illness?

Promoting a GROWN MAN that got an erection looking at a 14 year old girl called Priscilla, is your thing too!

Same MAN that got on TV first, wiggled his hips in a sexual way, and started turning good Christian girls away from the Lord.

Yeap, you promote that demon too!

The “C” in 4CRB is registered with the ACMA as “Christian”, yet you promote marxist atheist communism.

Hiding behind Jesus while claiming religious tax exemption; and now this year pushing Halloween at the same time is beyond a joke.

Yet you wouldn’t hide behind Islam’s prophet and do the same. They’d probably ‘Charlie Hebdo’ you.

Going by what the Judeo-Christian G-d said in the Bible we all have to swear truth on in court, your faux station would be on G-d’s list for some good old Sodom and Gomorrah’ing.

Not even luke warm Christians. By your fruit, you’re ice cold Bolsheviks.

Rodney Stevens

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