As China panics over bat-virus, nothing but crickets heard from PM Morrison

Dear PM Morrison, I hope you’re well rested after your Hawaiian holiday. New crisis this week, bat virus is killing people. You have 5 minutes to spare? The plan is simple.

STEP 1: IMMEDIATELY stop all travel between Australia and China.

STEP 2: see step 1

I don’t #ucking care if it’s their New Year’s party time, and their travel plans interrupted. Where the #uck are you?

China’s in panic mode building large emergency hospitals. DailyMail

I predict a run on face and eye protection goggles at Bunnings in the coming week.

If your favourite dish is bat soup, I recommend you stop being a #ucking freak, and have an apple instead. Three squeaks mouse? Bats and mice, these people really are an alien fricking species.

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