Another wave of CCP-Virus coming to Queensland?

“The great escape! Thousands of Aussies flood Sydney airport in a desperate bid to get out in time for Christmas holidays – as border crackdowns keep coming and city braces for tougher restrictions”

DailyMail-AU headline

Australian S e n a t e two weeks ago passed a B i l l allowing f o r e i g n t r o o p s onto our streets man handing us all with impunity. When our local c o p s finally get sick of grabbing on their fellow Australians, WEF “great reset” Plan B will be rolled out. Only the smelly greens stood against that B i l l. P a u l i n e was busy pushing the global cashless society agenda on the Australian unemployed that lost their jobs because of c c p-virus. Independent R i c c a r d o Bosi is planning against and saying everything change agent H a n s o n won’t. DailyMail Comment

Took me an hour to post that. Only way it would show up was to fool the word filters by spacing buzz words apart.

Below is the Senate treason they didn’t show you on TV. (I’m still on the fence about Bosi)

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