7000 Covid-19 patients only 3 deaths: US Dr Zelenko speaks with MP Craig Kelly

Australian MP and leader of the AUP, Craig Kelly interviews USA Dr Vladimir Zelenko

Dr Zelenko speaks about his unorthodox life saving treatment with medical grade HCQ and medical (not horse paste) Ivermectin. Same SAFE drugs given to Australian Aboriginals and refugees taken in by America.

Last two thirds of the interview, Dr Zelenko, with a quiet MP Kelly listening in, spills the beans on the bigger picture – reveals why cheap off label drugs are shunned over garbage $4K a dose, liver and heart damage “experimental” drugs like, Remdesivir. This doctor goes deep, so buckle up.

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CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/guidelines/overseas-guidelines.html

CDC above! Yes for parasites – Point is, it’s SAFE, and not just used for “horses”.

Ivermectin “docks” onto the Covid spike, and stops replication. (source: Professor Robert Clancy ABC interview June 24, 2021)

The fact that the media ran with that horse BS late August into September 2021, not enough proof you’ve been lied to?

Why the lies? If you watched the Dr Zelenko interview, you already know why.

10/09/21 TGA release admits Ivermectin is SAFE for Aboriginals. Yet not for me?


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