PM Morrison’s “provisional” jabs almost kill Aussie Tennis legends Mother too

August 20, 2021, Aussie tennis legend Pat Rafter, whoops sorry (I’m a golfer) … Aussie Pat Cash reveals how the experimental, whoops sorry, how the “provisional” Fauci-flu jabs almost killed his dear sweet mother!

Now based in the UK, Pat also reveals how he and his student uses #Ivermectin.

Oddly Pat’s honest interview has been ignored by the trusted MSM Australian media, that made bus loads of money off him in the past. Robbery isn’t just stealing a car. Withholding truths, is robbery too!

Last count, 8 Aussies are “officially” dead because of these “provisional” (experiential) gmo-jabs not even listed on the Government ‘Australian Immunity Vaccination Handbook’ website. (over 400 unofficially reported deaths on the TGA website)

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