Stupidity starts at the top: Meet Deputy Premier Jackie Trad

Taxes fund schools and schools teach the children. But what are the schools teaching the children? With our dependence of foreign commies, nothing much from what I gather. Today the Courier Mail rag is reporting Deputy Prime Minister Jackie Trad (example of Australia’s curriculum) is an uneducated dumb ass. OK, my words but the same applies…

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2018: Queensland School’s bizarre Influenza outbreak

flu outbreak queensland school 2018

Today the Courier Mail reported a bizarre influenza outbreak at Middle Park State School, where 1 in 3 people (children, teachers etc) from the school have reported in sick with the flu. 1 in 3 got the anti-flu shots yet still got sick? 1 in 3 didn’t get the anti-flu shots yet still got sick? Why do those with the supposed protection, fear those without it? Why only the one school? Did / do they have an anti-flu shot program running from that school? Bloody newspapers that only report half…

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