Pre-mandatory APP: PM Morrison resorts to blackmail to push his COVIDSpy app on Australians

Want the pubs to open sooner? Then download Lord Morrison’s recycled, failed Singapore COVIDSafe app and you’ll be rewarded with more freedom. More at the DailyMail

But hang on, we’ve almost beaten down the virus in Australia. Why the spyware traceware ramp up? Is this app safe, fool proof?

The LAW to ban all agencies (apart from doctors) from checking our phones still hasn’t gone through. 11th hour flip-flop stuff coming soon; no “community passport”, whoops wrong new world order country … no APP, no driving or public interaction.

Scenario: 100 school (or work place) lockers with 100 phones stored in the same 10m Bluetooth range area for OVER 15 minutes.

99 students (and their parents) later that afternoon get a message to ‘stay at home for 14 days’ because the owner of phone 100 tested positive.

Phone owner 100 only interacted with 19 students. So 80 working families suffer over false app alarms.

Multiply that by all the schools in Australia.

You’re back at work 14 days after the school false alarm.

You work on the first floor, and 3 meters directly above you (Bluetooth 10 meter range goes through objects) someone you’ve never met is sick, and their app records your phone being near them.

ScoMo’s people send you a message (without details of who’s phone tagged you, or where) ORDERING you stay home for another 14 days.

Your phone sends the same tags to your 10 office colleges app’s.

You’re going insane but still healthy, but with all the time off, your business shuts and you and your staff end up on ScoMo’s JobKeeper.

Rolling false alarms costing the economy millions more debt hurt, coming soon.

Malcolm Roberts Apr 17, 2020
One Nation Party

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